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Transform and its uselessness

So I recently tested Spooky Imp in PVP. Transforming and enemy to a wraith can be quite useful if he transforms mythics. But I was skeptical: Can he transform an already transformed wraith?

Sadly the answer is yes, which severely weakens its usefulness. So I want to present a possible solution for this problem:

Let’s take the Spooky Imp as an example. You cast and a random enemy is selected for transform. The game now checks if the selected troop is already a wraith. If yes, then discard the transform. This prevents the wraith to “respawn” at full health. If no, tthen the transfform is executed as normal.

Any thoughts about this? I know that Spooky Imp does not contribute to speedy matches, but his ability could be so fun to use, if it only were for this small tweak stated above.

Thanks for reading.

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The mushroom meta, this request will make it so, even though it is not in the request area of the forums.