Spooky Imp not working as intended

Hey all,

I noticed the Spooky Imp reads “Transform a random enemy into a level 12 Wraith” but the summoned Wraith level varies from battle to battle.

Does anyone know where the bug is? My guess is that it summons a Wraith with the corresponding troop level of the Wraith in the enemy’s collection.

I believe you are 100% correct on this.

Is your wraith level 12 btw?

Originally summons didn’t exist as troops you could get, but eventually the devs switched it so all summons had a card and any time that unit is summoned it mimics whatever you have that card at.

Assuming this is the case, it probably is taking whatever the enemy has their wraith at.

Nope, mine is level 19. And my Spooky Imp is level 19 as well.

So, I imagine, the original intention from the devs really was for the summoned Wraith to be level 12 (which is awesome btw). A pity it’s not working properly.