[Reported] Terror bugs out

Video footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpTyV_20Z_k&t=170

At 2:50 you can see some shuffling happening and 2 troops taking the same spot, when I killed the higher one the bottom one appeared. Damage required was different from what the card shown. Fight was over once I destroyed the upper card, the bottom one was ignored.


there is a reasonable chance it ran but the animation didnt load, a bug non the less


my mistake… i see what you mean when i went full screen

I have no video/photo. But I just did Epic Trials and there were 2 troops left on the enemy team, second last was Deamon Child and I think it was Lady of Bones last.
Then I did skull damage - to the last enemy!!! Then skull damage again and the last troop died - I won the fight with Deamon Child still being on the second last position.

Something is off


Can somebody get footage of this occurring outside the last troop (aka. end of battle)? If this is just a visual glitch only (like the incorrect stats glitch), might it fix itself if you pop up a card for review then go back?

This was long and slow, I was half watching a stream, so not got the time it happened, but will save for next time. here is just the after effects:

The middle troop is a phantom, I saw it glitch out as they overlapped when Terror kicked in and stuff moved around. I kinda forgot about it then wondered wtf was happening towards the end.


Thanks for the videos. Trying to work out a better name for the bug report to the programmers as my brain is just saying “Terror shennanigans” which isn’t a good bug name but it is reported nonetheless!.

Edit: it’s fine my brain started working again and I went with ‘Terror status effect causes Troop card overlap and phantom troop in battle’


:smiley: I think it’s perfect even if the other one is far more descriptive and useful

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I guess technically that’s “better” but I’m still a fan of either, “Terror Shenanigans” or “Terror Misbehaving”.

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Are troops supposed to be able to jump down multiple spots? I’m seeing troops in the 2nd and 3rd slot fleeing, with the troops below them staying in place, or troops becoming overlapped and “phantom”-ed like shown here. Not sure what the expected behaviour is, so it’s hard to know what’s a bug/glitch and what’s normal.
I assumed the troop can only move one slot at a time, and can only flee if it starts the turn in 4th place, but that’s not the case. Is that the expected behaviour?

Flee moves the Troop down one slot per proc.
If it’s moving multiple times it’s probably related to this bug report.


What would be the behavior of two troops triggering terror at the same time if they are in position 1 and 2. Where would troop 3 end up at if they happen simultaneously?

I really feel it is an edge case that was not tested

from what was said previously, terror triggers from the bottom up, so the 3rd troop should end up in the 1st slot. I could see game speed affecting this though, if the game tries to trigger them too quickly. reminiscent of the skull issue that happened a while ago, where 4x speed was causing skull matches by the ai to do insane damage. That may be an avenue the team should go down.


In an ideal world yes but it is an unpredictable scenario based on some of the bug reports

I’ll let you know once I have more info, I think the team are focused on PVP and the lag issues right now and will get around to this one in a bit.


I’ve seen it happen a couple of times that if, for any reason, on the team e.g. slot no. 2 is empty, because the troop got killed, terrorised troop from slot no. 1 will switch places with troop no. 3. It won’t go down to that empty slot no. 2.

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Comparison: If you pull an enemy to first position (e.g. Harpy Eagle) when the 1st position is empty, the other enemies remain in their positions, BUT if the 1st position is occupied then ALL other enemies are shuffled down 1 slot even if they don’t need to. E.g. if the formation was [A _ C D] and you pull D to first, the result is [D A _ C] not [D A C _].

In this case, if the enemy formation is (say) [A _ C D] and A shuffles from Terror, the result is [C _ A D] not [_ A C D] ? I could see an argument both ways here. On one hand, this guarantees that when Terror procs this will always result in a shuffle (increasing its utility similar to normal shuffles), but on the other, it suggests that the last surviving Troop of a team may flee regardless of their position in the lineup when the official announcement suggests that this should not be the case:

The term “Position” has traditionally only been used in the context of “pull/push an enemy to first/last position” and always refers to slot #1 or #4 regardless of whether it contains a Troop or not. It is not the same as “first/last enemy” (which ignores empty slots).


I’ve seen that happen too. “last position” for terror seems to mean “the troop that doesn’t have any other troop below it”. I had troops on slot no. 2 and no. 3 flee - if there were no troops below them.

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This is correct, if the Troop is the last Troop in the team, even if it is in slot 1, 2 or 3, and Terror triggers, the Troop will flee.

I’ll make a note to make sure that’s mentioned in the Help Center for the status effect as well.


I’m glad it works this way and that’s the intention. I had 3 troops flee in one turn on the hardest epic trial, then the remaining one went the turn after. Easiest trial of all of them, and it wasn’t a bug so I no longer have to carry that shame :smiley:

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