[Reported] PVP Freeze and Progress lost

Not sure if this is the same error others have reported for the World Event but I was extremely upset in PVP yesterday - I got to Tier 1 and Rank 28 when everything froze and I was forced to restart the game. After restart I was thrown back to Tier 4 and Rank 400.

Took an hour or more to get back to the top 100 and by then other players had progressed past me.

Now I am too scared to even try PVP again.

Platform, device version and operating system:

Mobile (Samsung Tablet)

Happened once on Monday 20 June.

I am a fairly new player so do not know if this is something that regularly happens.

The only screen shot I have was just before the freeze and before I got thrown back. Attached here.

I’m very sorry for this RiverWarlock, I’ve added it to the bug report for the out-of-sync issues players have been reporting.

We have a couple of devs doing overtime right now working on this, but as it’s night time here the team will be working more on this tomorrow.

Once we have information about how missing scores etc will be handled we will post about it in the official news section of the forum as well as on our help center here:

I know this article talks about the World Event and Campaign but it also appears to be effecting other areas of the game for some people like yourself so we are looking at this holistically.

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