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PvP tier rewards?

Ok I play on pc/mobile and all week I haven’t gotten ANY of my tier rewards for getting my rank to 1. Any idea when this might be fixed?

Did you happen to get a bunch of the rewards at the beginning of the week? There was a bug then where people were getting all the rewards from Tier 15 to 1 all at once at the beginning of the week.

I also wasn’t receiving tier awards nor did I get a bunch of rewards at the beginning of the week. Support helped to reset my tier progress so I started getting them and noted it is a “pesky bug” that they thought squashed but it still appearing.

So bottom line: contact Support.

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I don’t believe I received a bunch at the beginning of the week BUT honestly I don’t remember LOL lol I’ll contact support, I imagine they’d know at least. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated

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