[Reported] World Event progress and sigils lost except for score

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Trying to play the world event, game said I lost sync with the servers, restarted, and I lost everything but my score.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is the first time I’ve seen this, and it happened today.

Steps to make it happen again
I can’t duplicate the issue since I lost everything even though it still says that I paid for the event tiers that I bought.


This is what happened to me as well.

I didn’t get anything from my shop purchases.

Cross sharing!

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Just woke up and people ain’t happy in our guild either, there are scores and sigils lost, some even claim that trophies are lost too, some say they got a few sigils back. Going back to sleep…

Okay, got some more sleep, now I’m a lot happier. Reached out to the first who made complaints (our GM) and she claims buying 4 tiers having about 600 score in the guild event. Now she only has 278 points, but somehow 4 sigils have returned to her (this conversation was before daily reset). She also said her trophy amount has gone down. That is on ios.
Second guildie was complaining that his progress is updating really slow if at all, so it might be related, his sleeping now… Third one is nodding his head and saying that’s exactly what happened to him too. Actually what I didn’t understand in the morning was, that the fourth one was actually just having a phone conversation with the second one, speaking about his proplem. The second one was asking if the fourth can see his progress as the second couldn’t see it himself. Hope this helps.

I am the Guild Master of 160th Night Stalkers and we have lost 602 points in the world event so far. Either the bonus points aren’t being registered or battles are being won and not reported to the server.
Today is Friday June 24th, 2022.
Here is our updated information for 160th Night Stalkers.
Our roster total is 12,190 points for Draconic Divination.

In-game data shows Stage 9 complete and we are 1,588 points toward Stage 10. +10,000 points to complete Stages 1-9. Gives us 11,588 points.

Difference of 602 points. That differential has been holding for a couple of days now.

No one has left or joined the guild this week to affect the numbers that way.

So any progress with this??? Will the lost points come back at some point or should people first burn some more gems to the shop and after that the lost points return and no refunds necessary? Chop chop!! And could someone please direct me to the place where the tickets can be found, so damn hard to find anything here…?

Hey @terberos ,

As mentioned above your post from yesterday, I linked - we currently have a Known Issues article for this currently, as soon as we have any more information to share we will update there and cross share to the forums.
This issue is still being investigated. :sparkles:

So, has there been an update to this, or even a possible gem refund for that which I lost? It’s been 3 days now, the week is nearly over, and I’m sure my guildies are disappointed that I have not been able to contribute to the event due to losing my sigils.