[Reported] New Delve Map is Blank

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
There should be a map, not a black square

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Whenever i see the new selve map

Steps to make it happen again
Attempt to play Faction Assault, have the new delve map populate


Same issue except with IOS. Appears to be the same lack of art assets that have been plaguing the mobile versions lately.

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On my Android it’s the same “blank” map. Luckily, I had this map downloaded from Taran’s spoiler site.

Same issue, 3 room map displays just fine but the alternate/longer version for his delve is as described above.

Same for me on Android: the deep delve map is blank, just as in the OP’s screenshot.

Yep, and it’s ridiculous that this keeps happening. Art continues to be broken at release on mobile platforms; is there any plan to fix, or at least to improve, this?

This is also a good argument that beta testing needs to occur on mobile platforms, not just on Steam; if this had been spotted by beta yesterday maybe there would have been time to fix the artwork before it went live on prod. As it is: it’s broken on mobile, it’s the weekend in the devs’ time zone, so this won’t be fixed before the event is over.


I can’t see the map on either of my two android devices.

Here it is from Taran’s:


I think in code somehow the mirror command was executed in the game section. Cause I see that original delve map and the game delve map are mirrored

platform win 10

bluestacks emulator

Still broken on Android, Samsung Galaxy S22. Took this screenshot just before completing a deep delve. (I had to memorize the map because of this BS!)

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for your screencaptures everyone.

I’ve reported this bug to the development team!

Also, @zvordan Did you encounter the issue on PC with an emulator? Or is this issue occuring for the PC/Steam platform too?

it’s good to play a whole weekend with it! fix the bug, i have a samsung galaxy 20 :frowning:

PC with emulator.