[Reported] Weekend event is showing old tricks AGAIN

So the delve weekend event is supposed to have a new map or better yet 7.0 is suppose to fix the broken missing images but im beginning to think they just dont have time to implement it across all platforms and dont bother to fix it until they get a massive pile of them, took a week. Android os 14


Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the screencapture.

I’ve made the development team aware of this graphic issue! :slight_smile:

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Mobile, Android version 13, One UI version 5.1

Unknown layout

Known layout

I was expecting to be able to see all of the layout versiona when they came up. But only one of the two, or three (?), actually rendered properly during the weekend delve event.

It happened throughout the delve event for the weekend. Since it’s been a while since i last saw stonesing eyerie, i cannot say if it’s been happening all along, or just this weekend.

Since the layout renders randomly, i simply had to start a new delve attempt. Maybe id be able to see it, maybe i wouldnt.

Reporting it so it can be added to the backlog to be investigated if it ever becomes important enough to figure out the reason. I know its not considered a bug because it didnt kick me out of the game or prevent me from playing, or (more importanly to the devs) prevent me from spending money.

It’s just the new (deep delve) layout that lacks the map.

I guess this will be fixed someday soon. It’s an age old bug that happens way too often with new delves.

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I had the same thing on Android. But for me I know this layout so well I can just get around.

But it is rather annoying at times.