Fix for Missing Delve Map and Pet Assets (Android)

Ahoy adventurers!

We are pushing a fix for the missing Delve map and pet assets on Android. You will likely see a small download, and it contains what is missing.

Thank you for your patience.


After the ‘small download’, back to business as usual.
:roll_eyes: :man_facepalming: :vulcan_salute:


Around 800 MB
game redownloaded I guess :thinking:

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Hmm, it would be good if you didn’t describe it as “small download”…

Why exactly must we re-download the entire artwork to fix a couple missing pictures?
For comparison, on Monday GoW used 50MB of mobile data (an that includes collecting 10 tributes, buying glory troop, donating to guild, all campaign tasks, adventure board, dungeons, three arena runs, maybe even a pet rescue or two, I don’t remember anymore) whereas today it’s 170MB for 8 tributes, 1 pet rescue and no more playing - there were about 18MB of assets they said to download and the rest is redownloading visuals on almost every screen I open. I thought to maybe do arena while I had some waiting time - all troops are blank and requires additional downloading to fix.

(I sure know what I’ll do when I have my home wi-fi available. )


My android phone downloaded ~11MB, but the level of incompetence of the devs is scary!

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Did you head over to settings to download missing assets though? I had to re-download everything. No snark, but IP2 doesn’t have anyone with the engineering/programming knowledge or talent to come up with elegant solutions to the game’s many technical issues. Instead, whoever’s in charge must be Miley Cyrus’ biggest fan, because the only approach they know to solve problems is to hop on a wrecking ball and tear it all down every other month.

Please hire someone to fix this recurring issue; you are up to your necks in money.