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[Reported] New (apparent) bug with GaP since today

Platform, device version and operating system:

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I am well stocked with verses, so periodically outside of vault weekends, I do a few Gaps to stock up on a resource.

I’m well aware that my VK chances are much more limited, but I’m after something else. I did Gap Friday and rewards were as per normal, a variety of rewards from the 4 Gnomes. Today, the gnomes are doing all the same rewards. The game was played on Pc/Steam, I logged in anew today after reset.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Today, 1st GaP.

Steps to make it happen again

Try a Gap.

S/s below;

As can be seen, the Gnomes are giving inappropriate loot.

Maybe someone else can see if it’s just me, but it’s a biggie if this is the case, as I did not get a VK and unless the top gnome gives one, it’s not giving one.

Tried E1, E5 and E9, same result, 4 identical rewards.


Oh no. Did they break it with the “gnome does not replace hero / dooms” fix?


oh no… and next week is palooza, I hope it will not stay like this until 5.8


This bug is present and has been presented to the devs too. Hoping for a response soon. You don’t want to spend verses to test this.

palooza removed now for next week


They can’t stop ruining Palooza. I can’t stop but thinking that Salty ran away fast because of this. They made her so excited then nerf it every time.

Too bad. I was so excited.
I will still have hope until it’s removed from Taran’s :slight_smile:

Wait, does that mean if one of them drops an Epic Vault key, I’ll get four of them?


Feel free to try it out. Currently it’s not even known if you get credited any of the gnome rewards at all shown on the reward screen.

Now THAT will be the reason this bug gets fixed quickly!!

I had 0 vault keys this morning. I used my last one for the campaign task.


Edit: I’m not sure this is worth it… most rewards are like, 4x epic ingots, 4x minor traitstones, 4x gold…

I’m not sure which one gets duplicated. It could be the first one you kill, or could just be the first enemy troop.

I think it’s the first troop. Hrm, that’s not always the case though I’m seeing. If you kill all the troops at the same time, the reward isn’t always the first troop’s. Might just be random.

This is probably a huge waste of a GAP though and I won’t use anymore. The only reason I used this one was to confirm you are actually getting and keeping what it says you are.

But the vault key drop rate is not like it is on vault weekends, so it’d be stupid to use GAPs now.


The concerning part is that this is once again something that raises reasonable doubt about their gasha system. The gnomes aren’t pulling from their correct loot pool, what are the chances that other areas also got messed up in some way? Like, is the Growth Pack for $49.99 still handing out random mythics or is it also stuck on a specific one? Going by past incidents they won’t tell us about it until proven by the community, at which point it they’ll claim it’s intentional, just not communicated properly.


Reminds me of when AWRyan was reporting the duplicate legendary tasks and the devs said “Nope, nope, everything is normal!”


Yes. It is also not just this. I first thought it was the top gnome that determined the same loot. It’s not. It’s not the last, it’s not the first one to die, it’s not the last to die, it’s not the rarity, it’s not the type, it’s not the volume of similar gnomes, it’s not anything whereby logic seems to suggest/identify. The gnome images, are also after winning inaccurately displaying loot.

It’s not the first troop though, as far as I can determine. I’ve been using skull hits to kill the first troop, a jewel gnome and it drops souls? We’d have to go through all the loot tables for each troop, on a broken mode. No thanks!


That was exactly what I thought of.

Also, first class testing again!


Just find a reason it affects their profits for every bug and maybe we’ll get some decent QA :joy:

… The jury is still out but they may have broken legendary tasks (for us at least again).

This game should advertise itself as a time loop game.

Because the same exact problems just keep repeating themselves. :roll_eyes:

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Hey everyone!

Just letting you know this bug has been reported with the Dev Team and a fix is being sent out

Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Wondering if this is “working as intended” for the upcoming event Soul Harvest but was simply released early/by mistake. I.e. the event is a modified GaP where there’s supposed to only be Soul gnomes and thus they would be programmed to always drop the same reward.

Not that this would make anything better or right, but I like to think that they hadn’t been working on yet another GaP nerf.