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[Reported] New (apparent) bug with GaP since today

First troop in the rewards screen.

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This would be the most optimistic possibility, and if it’s the case I wish they’d just tell us so we could all be relieved.

I’d much rather they (slightly) flub a new feature/event than break or nerf already extant features.


Is it the next Tuesday’s Vault event ?

Soul Harvest. Oh, I realize this isn’t technically a spoiler now since it’s in the official post. But yes, I think the Tuesday Vault event might be the Soul Harvest special event.

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I wish it would be gem harvest instead… :roll_eyes:

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T-5 days until next vault event. Only half of which are business days. Fingers crossed for a fix.


The next one is in three weeks.


While these are spoilers and subject to change, this is still what it looks like in the game files. From Taran’s

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It’s gone now from midweek, gives them a bit more time to fix this bug.