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[Reported] Moneybags in Delve

Platform, device version and operating system:
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting the Moneybags trait from the Cedric room to increase gold cap by 100 per troop, instead of by 400 per troop.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time I’ve beaten Cedric in Delves since 4.8.

Steps to make it happen again
Beat Cedric in Delve, then go to another room.

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You are telling the devs that players can receive extra gold.
I’m not sure whether I should commend your honesty or spank you :stuck_out_tongue:


But apparently only in delves? One of my guildmates tried a battle outside of delves and things worked as expected.

Yeah, only in delves. Seems to only affect the delve room version of the trait.

Is it bad that I hope it’s a side effect of the Sunspear nerf and gets that reverted?

I can confirm this glitch. See below. Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10, 4.8.0r19621

Glitch is triggered by encountering a Cedric room in a delve.

Note, the glitch is half visual and half not: it does not appear to allow earning more gold than you would normally be able to do with Moneybags:

Despite maxing gold (that is, 1700/1700 gold in-game), I was only earning 1786 gold per fight (note, I have a gold bonus of +154%), which is how much I normally earn after Cedric Delve rooms from 500 gold in-game. With gold bonus, the gold earned should be something like 4.8K gold.

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It is not the trait of Cedric that is the problem. It seems to be the room upgrade “Money Bags”. From the Cedric room in delves.

Good thing I checked if anyone reported this already.

But how much gold did you actually get from each room? No matter how much gold I got during the match, the gold I got after it was capped at 1617.

My gold bonus is +130%.

EDIT: Did some further checking, and 1617 gold is what I should have got, so while the gold amount shown during delve matches is absurd, it doesn’t actually give you any extra gold.

I need to try using a team with gold based spell effects next.

I’m also wanting to test gold received when at less than displayed maximum gold. Didn’t get any more cedric rooms.

Confirming on PC/Steam:

The boost ratio appears to function off the in-game gold counter (full board clear off bronzelock after single leprechaun cast, normally takes 2, need 236+ gold displayed for full clear, had ~450+ displayed at the time which would have only been ~150+ with not-glitched delve talent). However, it does appear to cap the amount of gold received on the rewards screen (I checked, and it doesn’t somehow materialize in your pocket either):

By cap, I mean I had 1700 displayed match gold and got 1413 after the game, but as little as around 600 match gold gave me the same result. Taking my global bonus out of the equation for that account (+101%) and subtracting delve gold, it appears that the amount of gold I’m getting from these games is capped at 500 adjusted in-match gold.

Once upon a time, I know there were separate calculations used for the in-match rewards and how much they contributed to the post match result (resulting some bugs with souls/necormancy for a certain stretch). Basically, the base gold/souls generated would be stored in one place, with the in-match multipliers and caps adjusting and displaying you the effective amount in battle, and the post battle performing a different set of calculations on the base values to get you your reward amount. The old bug with souls was that the gain multiplier was applied multiplicatively outside of battle (and, at the time, also only from necromancers present at the end of battle, which has since been fixed completely) and additive inside of battles.

I’m bringing this up because it appears we are still doing two sets of calculations - understandable because the game is client only in-match and the server hands out the rewards, but these two sets of calculations are still either not using the same variables or same steps. The moneybags delve talent is raising your match gold cap by 400% per talent and increasing the gold gain multiplier by 400%. The post match calculation appears to use a gold cap increase of 100% per delve talent but is using the +400% gold gain multiplier per talent, resulting in a cap of 5x and a multiplier of 17x for rewards.

So why is this important? Fixing the delve talent back to +100% should be a simple issue and make both values match again, but there is still the matter of the one calculation using a different set of variables in the first place, meaning they have to be set independently and changed independently for server and client. Best practices would be to ensure that they use the same set of values, so if something needs to be changed (or a new “gain” trait needs to be added, for example, on a medal or something), there is one set of values propagated to both client and server, so even if the server has to perform a separate calculation, they should get the same result.

As to how they got changed in the first place and why, I have no idea.


  • Moneybags delve talent is +400% gain +400% cap per troop in battle, and +400% gain +100% cap outside of battle to calc rewards, should be +100% in all instances
  • Moneybags Cedric Legendary Trait works as expected (+100% rate/100% gain in battle and rewards), in and out of delves
  • The fact that the in and out of battle multipliers can be different and therefore have to be independently changed to be fixed is concerning for this and other interactions

City of thieves doable now? :slight_smile:

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I confirm I am having this happen in delve as well. Not affecting after match gold, so seems to be a UI / in game issue only. Using a Greed troop immediately takes you to 1700 gold (since I have enough life on greed)

I haven’t tried to use a skeleton key, is it using the 1700 gold to calculate damage or still based on the valid value (which is 500)

Edit - In game UI appears to scale the damage of key based on the 1700 gold. (+850 Magic 2:1 Boost Ratio)

Well, if you were looking for a time to finish City of Thieves faction 500, now’s the time! 1700 gold means 240 to all your King of Thieves’ skills every time you cast.

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Confirmed that anything over 500 gold counts as 500 gold, and less is calculated normally.