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MoneyBag's delve trait not applying

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC (steam) 4.1

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Was expecting to get 500 gold instead of 100 (+400% from 4 “money bag” traits)
Didnt get added after the fight either.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Was this a once-off bug or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen after doing a particular game mode?

Not sure, just encountered it

Steps to make it happen again
Find and defeat the “Cedric’s hideaway” room in delves.


Hmmm where exactly do you find this cerdics hideaway room in which delve?

It’s a treasure room. So crypt.

Same thing happened to me when I did Crypt Keepers earlier and got this one. I’m on Xbox.

Hey this appears to be working as intended.

The 100% gold bonus (x allies) doesn’t start until the battle after that room and it’s calculated off your base gold earnt not the gold you normally receive which already has a boost from your armor and other things.

For example, let’s just say the base gold for the room is 100.
If you have a Hero gold bonus of 100%
and 4 allies with Moneybags which survive the battle
You’ll earn 600 Gold.

If you still think there’s a bug please take a screenshot of your Hero bonuses and the gold you receive from the battle after you have the effect.

I got Cedric’s Hideaway room in Crypt Keepers today, and I think it’s an actual bug.

Screenshot from the last move before winning his room.


I got to Boss room next. By your example, I should have 100+(100×3) = 400 max gold at the top now, but it remains unchanged. Traits manu actually notified me I got this trait though.


Explore battle for comparison. 2 Cedric Sparklesack give me 100+(100x2) = 300 gold. It shows here unlike the same trait in Delve.


I hope this will be as easy for fix as Lair of Shadows’ zero reward problem.

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Hey, the 100 gold in my example was just a hypothetical example.

If you show me the gold earnt in battle before you take your last move, and the gold on your victory reward screen and tell me your Hero Gold Bonus, I can show you what I mean.

I tested this and couldn’t reproduce the issue so if you give me screenshots from a specific battle I can show you how it’s calculated.

I’m not quite understand, Kafka.

I think the main point OP trying to say is the max gold amount at the top of game board in the battle, not the reward from it. It’s clearly shown on my screenshot that actual Cedric Sparklesack with Moneybags trait, and troops that gain the same trait in Delve, somehow work differently.

Max amount of gold in battle is more than just resources gain, it’s also a source of damage for some troops. (Bonnie Rose, Wazir, Gog and Gud, etc.) So if Moneybags trait in Delve don’t give this extra boost like Cedric’s one, that kinda make it much less useful gameplay-wise.

Also, from what I understood about reward calculation, only Armor equipped by players (and other sources in boost manu) have an effect on extra resource gain. Troops’ extra resource traits; Merchant, Moneybags, Necromancy, Necro Master - they just give boost for maximum in-battle amount; 100+25, 100+100, 40+20, 40+60, in this order. Once victory is received, the armor bonus will apply based on the amount of resources earned in battle.

So in conclusion, I still think Moneybags trait gained in Delve doesn’t really work right now.

Edit : Added image for comparison. It’s the same wording on both modes, so why didn’t I get 100+(100×3) = 400 max gold in Delve, if all my 3 troop have this trait?


Hey sorry for my confusion!

You actually managed to find 2 bugs in one, hence my confusion!

We’ve made bug reports for both so hopefully this will be fixed soon.

I’m really sorry about that.

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I’d noticed this one, too! Just couldn’t be bothered to make a report, so I’m glad someone did :stuck_out_tongue:.

This will be fixed in 4.2 :slight_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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