[Fixed in 4.9] Switch delve gold visual bug

gold is showing up incorectly from delve
using theif key team w cedric after tresure room match

switch 4.8.0 update

High probability of being related to the PC/Mobile bug reported here:

Appears to behave in a similar manner. Is your gold after the battle in line with prior behavior? What does the boost ratio for Egg Thief and Key show, are they correct for the 1800 gold displayed?

its the same bug… happens after doing cedric treasure room
kafka confirmed it was already im pretty sure
it is just a visual bug

This is fixed, are you still getting the issue?

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yes ill upload a picture to show it

warrens delve on switch after doing cedrics room

Hey, sorry just spoke to the team about this. This requires a client update so the issue will unfortunately remain until the next update to Gems of War on Switch, which I believe will be 5.0 (please don’t quote me on that yet).


its ok just a visual bug not game breaking
thank you