[Reported] Caprichor spell is bugged

Spell says gain 109 points to attack , armor and health. But instead he only gains 109 attack and half of that to armor and health.

Stats before casting the spell

Stats after casting the spell


Almost a day and acknowledge from the devs…

It is weekend. What else do you expect?


Dude defending them its impossible. Remember the mass bans of last year. If the bug is on the cash shops on the other hands weekends have no meanings.

I don’t think it was defending them more pointing out that basically every issue at a weekend is ignored unless it is a game breaking bug. Not saying it’s right just pointing out the reality.


Even if there was someone available in development right now, they would not know about it due to the two-step communication. Bramble and Jeto are in weekend too, so there is nobody to forward the issue.

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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the screencaptures, they’re greatly appreciated!

I’ll add your photos to the report to the development team :slight_smile:


Thanks and sorry for being hangry

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Hello, :slight_smile:

Just a quick heads up that the fixes for this issue has been rolled out!

Thank you for your patience.


Thank you i already having a blast with my tanky goat friend.


Got a good team for him? I haven’t been able to find much where he’s the best option versus Umenath or similar.

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