[Reported] Scarabi shiny spell is actual a nerf, not a buff!

Please redo this shiny spell, cause it is a nerf and please do it quick, otherwise I want a refund for medalling it!
I can’t even avoid shiny levels on it, cause tokens are random and will be immediately used on a troop without interaction.
Thanks in advance.

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This is interesting. I don’t suppose you have a shiny Scarabi to check what the spell actually is?

Gary’s bot lists it as:

Neither looks like the spell is improved when shiny. Curious what the actual spell is.

This was previously noticed in the 7.0 announcement thread, but the numbers stated were based on placeholders – yeah, does anyone actually have Shiny Scarbi yet, and can you screenshot its upgraded spell page?

e.g. from a prior topic:

The chances of anyone having a shiny lv 2 Scarabi is basically 0.

30 Shiny (4/4/7 over 2 weeks) Keys, 31 or 32 possible troops depending on week and needing 15 of those tokens to be specifically Scarabi? Yeah… I’d rather win the lotto with those odds.

Only ones you’d have a realistic chance of seeing a level 2 so far is Slughoarder and Jeweled Golem. Crysturtle too, if abnormally unlucky.

My guess is that they wanted the upgrade to be something like light splash damage, then picked the half damage modifier by accident.

I know that Scarabi was mentioned a few times by players in the last weeks, but without a bug report, nothing will happen…so I learned.

Now wouldn’t that be nice if we could actually see the shiny spells beforehand? :roll_eyes:


Indeed. Without spoilers data and power of the community, no one could be known how the 2nd level of shiny, the spell will improve.

The game offers you to open shiny tokens / chests for unknown world, how to say ‘buying a sealed package’. Official news offered only a troops list, nothing else

Technically, more like 1/30 because of the free gift of Shiny keys for a random Troop? Still.

The free tokens for Crysturtle doesn’t benefit Scarabi in any way and doesn’t provide enough Crysturtle tokens to give a remote chance of taking it out of the drop pool and even if someone miraculously got a level 3 shiny Crysturtle, there’s not enough keys available to make that dust convert into a Scarabi token let alone enough to make it level 2.

1/30 would mean someone would actually have an outside chance at lv 2 Scarabi at this point. Yeah, no.

Wait. Did everyone get free Crysturtle tokens then? If so, nevermind.

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@Bramble would be nice, if it would even be reported at least - fix that shiny spell

one month later - nothing happened! @Bramble


@Jeto @Bramble @Kafka
nothing changed in almost 4 months?
can you please rework that shiny spell? how hard is it?


have to bump this, still not reworked!

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A bit disturbed by the lack of developer feedback on this one.
The upgrade is clearly a worse version of the spell.

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I’m personally still waiting for somebody to have an actual screenshot (or equivalent proof) to evidence it’s not just hypothetical. The original information involves placeholders we (still?) can’t necessarily verify.

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neverending story!

I doubted this claim from Kafka when I first read it, this thread is a clear counter-example. Nobody from the CX team has commented, despite the issue being well-explained, easy to confirm (assuming they can view the game data rather than relying on a third-party tool) and easy to fix.


when will the fix arrive?
August 2023 wasn’t yesterday…