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Lord Ironbeard Bug (Known Issue)

I myself haven’t used him to see it, but several people are reporting in chat that he is not doing 3x the damage against troops with higher attacks.

We’ve just discovered a couple of issues with his spell.
It is actually NOT going to be fixed in tomorrow’s 2.1 update either… so we’ve just done some testing and we’re going to change his spell to the following:

Deal {1} damage to an enemy. If there are 13 or more Brown gems, deal triple damage.


Is this going to be a permanent change, or a temporary one until you’re able to get the original spell working as intended?

Actually, just testing that, and not liking it a whole lot, so we’ll try something else.


That type of day already for you guys, eh Sirrian? lol

Probably a permanent change, but we’ll create another troop with the original spell in 2.1.5 (about 6-7 weeks from now) and make it available for free.


Haha - yeah - this guy passes the checks in our test plan, but definitely does NOT work correctly.


Khaziel has been causing a lot of free things. We got Rock Troll for there too like a month back. xD


Well, 13 browns works fine with the Apotechary. So we have this going for us. :+1:

Any news on v 2.1.5 ?
Lol im just getting started off early :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the blue yellow weapon (lion) getting fixed tomorrow or will it still be useless?

We haven’t been able to reproduce that issue here, that I’m aware of (if it’s the issue I’m thinking of). I believe it’s a timing issue which may be caused by certain hardware combinations. We have a fix planned, which involves a rework of some of the spell & battle system (so timing issues like this go away completely), but that will have to wait for 2.1.5 unfortunately.

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Your test plan needs a test plan.


Will there be any ability to - sell - him back like there was a while back for Winter wolf?

I bought the chest, leveled him up to 11th and first traited him.

Never mind - found the refund button