Autumnal Imp bug

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
If i activate the skill, then his magic attribute should increase by 8, but in some cases it didnt.

  1. case:
    When i activate the skill and the damage bounce from the first opponent cards to the next one. If there are some damage left, after the last opponent card was hit, the damage bounce back. If a card is killed, after it gets the second hit, the magic increase does not trigger.
    This case happens a lot

  2. case
    When i kill 2 cards at once.
    (Only realised once so far, but i will keep an eye on it)

Im playing the pc game, while realizing that bug.

I believe you are seeing skull damage from the removed gems. Sirrian has already aknowledged this bug here: Weekly Event - The Autumnal Imp Is Nearly Here! - #11 by Sirrian

ok, thx for the info.
that maybe explains case 2 too.

Hey guys,

Yes - sorry about that - we haven’t pushed the update out with that fix in it yet. It got tangled up with some changes to the way troop types work in 1.0.7, and we need to separate the two things so that you JUST get the fix for Autumnal Imp! It WILL be out in Monday’s event update though!

Just in time to try out my triple autumnal imp/prismatic orb team in next weeks pvp. It isn’t even the weekend yet, and I have the imps up to lvl14. Thanks for the update.