[Reported] Cannot log in the game on switch

Nintendo switch

Lots of people cannot log in the game after reset, or manage after a huge number of attempts.

Another thread is open in the Nintendo switch category.

Please help, thanks in advance.


The bug is possibly linked to the new event Summer of Love. There are some mistakes in the announcement (the name is wrong, the text isn’t translated into the right language) there’s probably a glitch in the programming that’s causing the crash. can you have a look please? @Kafka


Im in the game. I must in the morning 8 restarts. And problem solved

still cant login :frowning:

I still can’t login.

@Draegor Uninstall and reinstall again.

i did that already, still cant login

If i try 10-15 times in a row it usually works. The game is freezing when it starts at the map screen. At this point my banner for cool stuff or whatever doesn’t pop up, but it still freezes and shuts off while loading the starting graphics. (Character pic, HUD, music too i think)

I was able to login after about 36 attempts. That did not fix it, the issue persists.

That doesnt work.

Yeah, this usually only works as a check for clientside data corruption. If it was caused by corrupted/incorrect assets downloaded from serverside (which is presumed to be the culprit here), that’s a different matter. I logged in at 11:30PM last night just to collect an hourly tribute and everything was fine. There was no separate progress meter for “downloading assets” upon startup, just the usual “Loading assets…” then a crash.

The reports that this does not occur 100.00% of the time (but instead about 97%) implies the existence of some contributing factor. I don’t envy the engineers whose job it is to diagnose this, but I definitely have to criticize that something literally game-breaking was pushed to release without sufficient (any?) testing.


Not working for me too. Already reinstaled the game on two diferent sd cards, on the console memory, and absolutely nothing.

We seem to be all fixed people!!

We will c if temporarily removing the summer event has allowed them to resolve the issue. I have the upmost faith that after daily reset, all of the bugs will be fixed! (Cough*)

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They’ll probably issue a standard 50-Gem compensation for the trouble.


did they remove the summer love event from switch?

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No. I have no problems with login.

I think they temporarily removed the summer of love event from Nintendo switch because it was causing problems.

Can we please get a response from @Bramble, @Jeto, @Kafka, or anyone else about the current situation?


So for the people who could log in and did their fights for the day…what about them?