Anybody else unable to login

Game just sits at “loading world”.

I just tried after reading your post and managed to log in on PC fine. Mobile took a bit longer, but still got in in the end.

Im on mobile (iOS).

Ah I’m on Android for mobile. I can’t check iOS sorry :frowning:

iOS worked fine for me about 10 minutes ago.

Logging in on Steam just fine.

Just confirming… no errors reporting on the servers, and I’ve tried logged in on multiple platforms just to be sure.

Sounds like possibly something gone wrong between your PC and our servers, often a hardware failure on a router somewhere.


It still won’t login. Stuck at the title screen, “downloading”. Can you PM me a server address so I can see if there’s a transit issue? I’m not having trouble with anything else, and obviously I can access the forum just fine.

After seeing what @Ozball said about mobile taking longer, I let it sit.

It took about 5 minutes to login but it finally did. In-game appears to be normal, just logging in that was so slow.


and login is back to normal now.

I’ve run into this issue on iOS before (or at least an issue that presents the same) that was caused by Game Center not logging in for some reason. Usually waiting awhile fixes it but most iOS Game Center games won’t load (as best I can tell) if Game Center can’t connect.

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I never even thought of that! Now that I think about I never saw the little Gamecenter welcome dialog.

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Yeah, that’s usually the culprit for me but other than just waiting and hoping, I don’t know of a solution. My guess is that when that happens its something on Apple’s end so reloading the game and even rebooting my phone never seem to fix it.