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[PLEASE FOLLOW TROUBLESHOOTING INSTRUCTIONS] Switch 5.5 update completely broken

Platform, device version and operating system:
nintendo switch

Screenshot or image:
no social media to share

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
to have less bug than god damn cyberpunk, its imppoossible to play

since the new 5.5 update my game load everything in 2m in 1h i didnt even completed a single fight, i even downloaded the game again, its not my wifi its say its on the top, everything keep downloading infinitely and the game keep saying that the server is unreachable
update: when i touch the chat the next loading poing glitch and say after 1m that it failed to join the server, so its impossible for me to talk to my friends if i need to farm

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
every min since the update

Steps to make it happen again
just pretend everything is fine and after 30 sec its like you get an entire movie while loading

On switch it hasn’t been working at all for me for a week.

yes i heard a lot of people had the same problem as me, downloading the app again didnt make a difference

still have the same thing, load for 5m and say me the server is unreachable, please do something i have like 200$ in this game

ok so it seem when i use essence of evil skill it completely break the game, i stoped using it and pvp and for 7 fight nothing happened till i go to the guild event and it started again, idk if its that but it seem that for me some troops have been corupted cause it make the server unreachable for but but its weird cause its say it cant join the server but i still get all rewards like nothing happened

IVE FINALY FOUND THE PROBLEM !!! omg maybe thats why people keep saying once in a while they crash or lag, after 1h of having no problem once i touched the CHAT my my game broke again IT WAS THE CHAT ALL ALONG, if you touch the chat once once the next loading gonna be glitch, is it fixable ?

Thanks for the update King Overlord, is anyone else on Switch experiencing this issue? Where after being in chat the game crashes in your next battle?

i mean a lot of people told me they have chat crash or loading problem sometimes maybe thats related,
when i go to the chat even once, the next loading point is gonna glitch