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5.3.5 Update (Patch Notes)

5.3.5 UPDATE

This update will be available on Steam, iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

  • We have removed the holiday-themed logo, art and icon until the Holiday Season next year.

  • We have updated to support iOS 14 new Privacy and Data Use guidelines. This includes a new one-time permission prompt that will show on first load.

  • We have fixed an issue where the game would freeze when using a Heroic or Fireball scroll in Tower of Doom events.

  • We have fixed several random crashes on Xbox.

  • We have also fixed an assortment of smaller issues.


Gonna assume, since I dont consider it a small thing, that the GW bug is still there?


@Saltypatra is there any one item in here that was reported on the forums?


@Saltypatra Can you break out what’s been added to the switch?

Do we now have War Coins as well? I see the Warbands and Shrine has been added.

I would assume that War Coins are available for cash on Switch too now? Also may possibly appear in Daily Deals/Arena Offers if you are you extremely lucky.

Just don’t expect them to appear as Adventure Board rewards any time soon. Been almost 2 months and still yet to appear on other platforms :frowning_face:

I’m seeing this one:

With this update Switch should be in line with other platforms. I have an appointment now, but will make a bigger Switch post this evening and link it to socials. Thank you for your patience.


yay :+1: :wine_glass: :ok_hand:

Not the first time this bug was ‘fixed’…


I’m guessing this update is delayed for the X1? I have yet to see it show up and my game is still running the holiday holiday themed logo and art.

If I go into my Updates menu it’s not even there and it’s not like I can force a download/update. So guess I have to wait till tomorrow to see if I can pop the shrine achievement.

I have a bug where I am level 1,208 and can not get war coins. Please make them retro active. Its not fair that new players can get the achievement but veterans can not. I have only see an offer if I was VIP 6. Please make the available. You should send out compensation for the Shrine achievement not working. Give us the missing 15 war coins.

Reboot your xbox.

Can we pleeeeease actually have these shown? Especially on an update as already-tiny as this one…


First time in a while that I’ve been able to update without a 300-600 mb worth of assets being needed to download afterwards. Kudos devs.


Would’ve been nice to get the permanent shrine notification removed. But that’s probably working as intended?


Haha are you me?

I see this was not fixed…
image image


I wouldn’t call this an Update lol I think this has to be a record for smallest update EVER…

The game freezing bug after finishing an explore run is still here on Xbox 1


I’m impressed! First patch not to release during Guild Wars week for over a year.