[More info needed] Can’t load and play game

Iphone 11

I have tried all day and the game freezes as its loading assets, as shone in the picture. I have been trying since 11am, almost 12 hours. I had no problems playing last night.

I emptied cache, did a hard restart of my phone. I am current with updates. Nothing has allowed me to play. The other games I play are fine.

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I finally removed the game and reloaded it. Now, I cant login. It says my email is wrong. Im over level 1000 and in a good guild. I dont want to start over

hmmm @jeto they might need to submit a bug ticket or could it be due to that new Halloween update?

@toxittie if you submit a request here one of our CX humans will help you recover your game account:

Sorry for this issue!

Can you let me know if either of these 2 things happened prior to the game freezing?

  1. You opted to “download all assets” from the settings menu in game

  2. A pop up appeared telling you that a further download of (insert number) mb was required and there were buttons saying okay or skip?

If it was due to either of these things, avoid downloading all assets for now or press skip the next time you’re prompted.

This is part of a known issue we are working on a hotfix for.
You should already have all the art downloaded so if you skip and avoid these prompts you shouldn’t be missing any art.

If this is NOT what happened please describe step by step in as much detail as possible as I’ll get the team looking into it as a priority.

This has been going on since yesterday… What’s wrong?
Do I have to delete this game and download it again?

I posted the exact problem. I finally deleted the game, but when I try to login it says my email and password are wrong. Ive been playing for several years and was in a good guild. I dont want to start over!

@Jen can you please look at my question above and share those details with me too?
Sorry I just found your report and merged it here so we can tackle it in one thread.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: But none of two things happened to me :frowning:
I just updated my app through App Store, clicked the game, and the game stopped ! That’s all…
I didn’t have any choice…!

My issue is the same as toxittie. Game starts loading, then stops completely, giving me a mixed screen. I cannot even get to the options that you spoke of. IOS 15.6. Please fix!

I Haven’t seen autoplay anywhere since the update :scream_cat:

Can you please explain in more detail what exactly happens when you click to open the game?

@SilverStream that sounds like a known issue - also please post new issues into its own thread or if one already exists about it then you can add it there, thanks! :slight_smile: this thread is about something completely different.

Ok sorry I actually can’t find a thread on the autoplay. @kafka

all good I think you found it already :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. @Kafka I opened the app on my IPad and it begins to load, but then freezes as it goes through the different kingdoms. Don’t want to delete the app since I might lose everything and I don’t know the password to link it to another device.

Oh… I also play my game on my IPad and have same problems… maybe it’s related to IOS :frowning:

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Opened game briefly this morning, logged out, now cannot log into game at all on either Android tablet or ios phone.