[Reported] 20% mythstone bonus disappearing to non-released kingdoms

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I realized, that I have only 3 kingdoms with 20% mythstone bonus at the moment. It is a bit difficult to prove this with a screenshot, at the moment, the three kingdoms are Suncrest, Grosh-Nak and Blighted Lands, I have checked all other kingdoms several times before creating this report, but I can´t find a fourth kingdom with the bonus.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I realized this only half an hour ago. I was farming E12 a lot yesterday and there were always 4 kingdoms with bonus.

Steps to make it happen again
I don´t know, if this can “happen again”, I have done some explores during the last 30 minutes, but the fourth bonus never appeared again. My guess would be, that Hellcrag is around the corner and maybe the fourth bonus already jumped to Hellcrag and is already “locked” on this kingdom, so I can´t see it anymore.


same happened to me on PS4


Same here, but have only 2 kingdoms with bonus. Ticket sent.

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Same for me

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Update: Played some Explore 12 to fulfill some campaign tasks. I have now only one kingdom with the bonus left, for me it is Blighted Lands. Seems like the bonuses can disappear completely and token grinding will be much less efficient for at least one week… :angry:

Same happened to me.

I only have two kingdoms open for Explore: Broken Spire and Adana (don’t ask).

Usually, I have one bonus kingdom, and it sometimes switches. Now I suddenly have zero.

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Same problem here, only 2 kingdoms, Nintendo Switch

Sounds like there’s a bit more going on there. Maybe it’s switching multiple markers to Hellcrag, or it’s also moving them to the other new kingdoms that don’t have a name yet. I’ll play some explore battles, if I can get it to bug out for me I can check where the server thinks the markers are located.


Just made it down to Zero bonus mythstone kingdoms.

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Такая же проблема. Прошел примерно 40 экспедиций. Количество городов с бонусом уменьшалось от количества прохождений.

Confirmed, I am at zero mythstone kingdoms now :frowning:

Mine seems to be working normally. I defeated the mini boss in Pridelands and the bonus moved to Suncrest. There are other 3 Kingdoms with the 20% sign: Shentang, Maugrim and Karakoth.

Okay, this took a while, finally got one of my markers to disappear. Current marker locations are:

3021: Blighted Lands
3003: Pan’s Vale
3012: Khaziel
3087: Kingdom 4

The last one is the placeholder kingdom for the fourth one after Hellcrag, probably due in half a decade or so. There’s a total of six placeholder kingdoms, so enough room for all the markers to go missing. Looks like somebody flipped the wrong switch.

This will need some script to repair player profiles on server side. I hope it will be treated with some priority, the issue will slowly propagate through all accounts.


I went to sleep last night with 4 kingdoms that had the bonus markers. Got up and went into GoW this morning and there was only 1 that had the bonus marker. Did some explore and it jumped from kingdom to kingdom, and now I have no bonus markers at all. Zero. It has been this way all day.

I do hope the dev’s will get on this and not wait a week or two to fix it. I also put in a ticket about the issue. It is happening on my laptop with Steam and also on my phone with Google Play

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Hey everyone!!

Thank you for reporting this issue and providing all the information you have on what you’re all experiencing.

I have reported this to the development team who are investigating the issue to find out what’s happened and get this fixed!

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Thank you for the timely reply and hopefully this matter can be resolved before it hits everyone who plays

Ok. Now I have only 3 marks. It seems that the bonus has moved to the placeholder kingdoms then.

Thanks everyone for your input on this topic! Special thanks to @Fourdottwoone for a definitive proof to my assumption, that the mythstone markers are indeed stuck on kingdoms, that haven´t been released yet. I have changed the title of this bug report in order to better describe the problem.

@OminousGMan I hope, a fix can be done rather quick. Farming tokens is one of my main activities. I have just done a quick calculation, with the 20% bonus I am doing roughly 12 runs on E12 before I have to do one without a myhtic boss, now without the bonus this goes down to about 5 runs before one without mythic boss.

Kingdom 4 - 3087
Should be between Maugrim Woods and Pan’s Vale

So… I’m losing lanterns that will help search for a troop that I can only get by exploring. Just sayin’.