Why do some kingdoms rarely get the 20% mythstone bonus in Explore?

I know it was never stated that it is random, but if you chase the bonus in a certain pattern some kingdoms ‘seem’ to be repeated much more frequently than others.

Not a major issue and doesn’t bother me at all, just seems odd that there ‘appears’ to be a mostly preordained cycle.

Also thought I would create one of the first of many pointless threads in 2020, before the many feature requests for “Why can’t we use multiple maps at a time in Treasure Hunt to get more rewards?” :laughing: Not had one of them. Yet…

Can you record the order they come up in? I doubt there is any sort of pattern, but if there is it’ll be easier to figure out with a list.


Whenever I have ‘chased’ the mythstone bonuses I have always done them in a clockwise fashion, jumping to whatever is closest next on the map screen. Probably easier to list the ones that don’t often appear rather than the ones that do.

I notice that certain kingdoms pretty much never appear this way - Silverglade, Maugrim Woods, Whitehelm, Adana, Bright Forest, Broken Spire, Shentang and Sin of Maraj are the most noticeable absentees for me. Dunno if this is the same for everyone?

I’m not tracking in any comprehensive way and I’m not grinding Explores regularly, but I’ve had the 20% bonus more than once in Silverglade, Bright Forest, Broken Spire and Adana at least.

I suspect it’s just that it’s easy for a 3.33% chance (1/30 kingdoms not currently with a bonus) to be missed for an extended period, but it’s possible that there’s some sort of rotation built in and your kingdom selection method is interacting with the rotation to miss certain Kingdoms?

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There might be no pattern but what Graeme says has some truth in it.
I’ve done many explores already and there are kingdoms that never had the lantern (20% bonus)
It’s always somewhat the same kingdoms that get the lantern. I’ve been talking to some other GM’s and players and they too have seen this happen.
It seems to be different for every player but it are always somewhat the same kingdoms that get the lantern.
The most occuring kingdoms for me are Urskaya, Glacial Peeks, Silverglade, Merlantis, Pridelands, Blighted Lands, Drifting Sands, Forest of Thorns, Karakoth. Sometimes I get the same kingdom up to 4 or 5 times in a row.
There are kingdoms I never have seen with the lantern at all and I’ve done many explores already.
I couldn’t detect a pattern in it but there is certainly something wrong.

Yeah, I think there maybe some kind of ‘tree’ of next kingdom to get mythstone bonus and I am choosing a pattern which ignores some of these branches normally. Maybe it is just RNG though.

My motivation for creating this thread was mainly boredom tbh, plus a vague curiosity about how things may be happening.


Independent random chance. Sample size is far too small to draw conclusions

No conclusions were drawn. Can’t be bothered wasting time creating a massive ‘sample size,’ myself, probably nobody else either I hope.
Just vague speculation about something which clearly doesn’t bother me in the slightest :slight_smile:

I always get mad that my game seems to favor Pan’s Vale and Suncrest. I’ll clear them, only to have them pop right back :joy:

I don’t really need any traitstones—but I definitely don’t need Light stones :laughing:


Yes. …pans Vale has had bonus constantly on xbox 1. I doubt anyone needs the arcane lights because 100s were given as rewards whilst delving warrens.

I have found that if you can break out of a usual cycle then the less common kingdoms will get the mythstone bonus a bit more often.

Sill some kingdoms that often get neglected for me though, Silverglade especially. Not that it really matters, I’m not complaining :slight_smile: