[Not a bug] Mythstone Bonus disappeared after 7.1 Update

Platform, device version and operating system:
Xbox Series X

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Normally, there are 4 kingdoms with an orange icon, indicating that the explore mini-boss in that kingdom will drop 20% bonus mythstones. Currently I have only 3 kingdoms with the icon.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Earlier in the week, I had the mythstone bonus on Blighted Lands (itself a known bug, since it is the Underspire kingdom this week and should not get the bonus). After the 7.1 update, the icon disappeared, but has not moved to any other kingdom, so I now have only 3 bonus kingdoms.

Steps to make it happen again
Not sure if it’s a one off due to having the bonus on the weekly kingdom when the update happened, or if it can be replicated by playing explore on the bonus kingdoms until the bonus moves to nowhere. Maybe the bonus is still on Blighted Lands, but just hidden? Or maybe it moved to an as yet unreleased kingdom (this happened before).

Same on Steam/iOs.

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Hey, I’ve checked with the team and this is because you have an active explore run in the Underspire Kingdom and that was while there was a mythstone bonus there.

It was decided that rather than resetting your mythstone bonus for the Underspire Kingdom when you’re potentially 3/4 of the way through a level 12 explore run, we would allow the bonus to stay there so you don’t miss out on the rewards you were expecting to get.

But because it’s changed to an Underspire Kingdom, the mythstone bonus icon disappears from the Kingdom so it’s nbot begging to be clicked only for you to find it’s the underspire kingdom every time you open it as that would be frustrating.

If you don’t have an active explore run with mythstone bonus in the Kingdom when it ticks over to the Kingdom’s Underspire week, then you will continue receiving 4 mythstone bonus kingdoms throughout the week as it won’t trigger there on the Underspire Kingdom.

This might be a good time to just add an extra bonus mythstone effect, considering the number of kingdoms is getting up there, it would be nice to just have more options/easier to find it, and it would effectively make it so when this happens, it wouldnt be that bad.


OK, since reset, the bonus is back on Blighted Lands. However I did NOT have an active explore run there, just for the record. The bonus moved there after I completed an explore elsewhere and I couldn’t start an explore run since it was the underspire kingdom.
I don’t start explore 12 runs, then leave them for later. Now that I can access explore there again, no run is in progress.