Remove the Devil from your Souls and

Remove it’s daily cap. Fixes your bug and makes you look like you did the right thing just by cleaning up your own mess.

100% upside.
0% downside.

If you want your players to play daily. Make a better product or offer one that at least doesn’t crash daily.
Bribing them only shows how many would play the game daily if they had something to play for. But unfortunately this situation discouraged those players by leaving them thinking “you can’t release ANYTHING without it being bugged”. Which is more true than not. 🤷


I trust the community 100% more than the devs who are stating there isn’t a hard cap.

My theory is theres a 2 per day cap that rolls over. Meaning you could have zero Devil’s on Sunday and grind like crazy and end up with 14 total for the week.

So if anyone amasses a collection of 6–7 devil’s within the next 20 hours please post it here.
(Those who get it from LT please disclose the amount and I’m not sure if the mailed copy will work against the hard cap or not.)