The Flesh Horror Battlecrasher

Hello all,

The team currently investigating why The Flesh Horror has not reset its chances to appear after daily reset (7AM GMT).
We are currently working on getting a resolution out for this as soon as we can, as this was not intended.

Once we have a resolution, we will be working on getting compensation out to all players.

I’ll go through any Bug reports for this issue and mark them as reported and link them to this thread, so we have once place to share any information and no one misses any update.

We have also updated our Known Issues article to include this, which can be found here; Known Issues
Which we will also be updating ongoing.

And we will be responding to the tickets that have come through so far.

But once I have some more information, I’ll jump back in and share an update into this thread!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Seeing how all players concur, a question arises: is the maximum number of Devils achievable per day capped at 2? Or was this part of the same unintended bug? Will it be still max 2 per day until Sunday (assuming reset works)?

Just an opportunity to be transparent and direct, so the players actually KNOW what to expect and how to invest their time
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


You must understand why everyone’s so frustrated, right? Bugs like this are constant @Jeto :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the info @Jeto

We have not implemented any cap on how often The Flesh Horror will appear, but as mentioned there is a decreasing chance each time you do encounter them.
It is possible, but as the chances get lower it’s more difficult.

Definitely can understand players frustration. We are also frustrated when things like this occurs, when we try and create a fun event and it does not go as we had planned or had originally had tested.


Seems like a cap somehow either crept in there or that the chances got so low that it was impossible to get more than two - like 1 in 1 million fights.

The team should probably have a look at that too then.

Hope it can be fixed soon. :crossed_fingers:t2:


@Jeto so why not just state the encounter rate and its decay per encounter for The Flesh Horror? Also, is the decay really per encounter or per victory over The Flesh Horror?


Thanks for the info. @Jeto
Can you be specific on the decreasing chances please, is it 50%, 25% or 10%? assuming the problem get fixed on the rest of each day.


Thanks, Jeto.

Really, I do appreciate the confirmation so I don’t waste my time trying to get something that’s not working.


Can you also confirm what exactly the compensation will be? As 50 gems is not going to cut it i am sorry to say. It needs to be x2 Devils that we have already missed (cap).


One suggestion: change the recipe to use 2 Devils only.
Everyone crafts the weapon. Happy Ending.


I don’t want to armchair diagnose code that I haven’t seen, but I wonder if the appearance rate was accidentally set to linearly decay, eg

2%, 1%, 0%

Instead of an intended

2%, 1%, .5%, .25%…

It just seems hard to believe that no one has found a third copy.

Anyway, 2 per day will work fine. Thanks for the update!


Fact check this please. In particular, that the appearance chance can’t drop below zero or it isn’t a inverse logarithmic drop off. Most people have been finding the first two copies in anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes, and some people have already reported spending a total of 5-10 hours after the second drop (between yesterday and today) hunting the third - unsuccessfully.

If possible, we’d all appreciate just telling the initial rate and rate of decay, then some easy math could tell us if we are on track for that or not.


I hope the compensation is a copy of the devil and a copy of the flesh horror…but that’s aiming too high…at least a copy of the devil so it won’t be a 3 day grind.

Will you be removing the cap now and pretending there never was one or will the cap remain and you (the devs) deny there is one and insist there isn’t and players are getting unlucky?

There are a few hardcore players here that would have done more than enough battles to get at least a third copy but I haven’t seen a single person getting more than two copies. The devs have lied in the past about the nerfing of Cedric medals with 3 different reasons given so I do have a hard time trusting what a dev has said when there is no actual proof.

Could you please check and make sure there was no cap on Monday? maybe there wasn’t meant to be a cap but someone put one on without knowing. One of the reasons given for the Cedric medal nerf was a miscommunication with numbers you could claim that happened and use that excuse again.

If anyone has gotten more than 2 copies on Monday please show me the proof and I will happily admit I was wrong.


No " working as intended " BS…Which is a good start.

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As others have said I need the troops not gems so 2 of the troops I could not get is compensation enough.


…per day…


As my guild received a 3rd copy of Devil through an LT, can you confirm that we’ll be getting the same compensation as everyone else (because our 3rd copy came from an alternate source, and not from us happening to get “lucky”).

please let us know how many approximate battle that you’d expect us to do to get at least 5 devils (100? 200?)
in worst case, how many battles needed to get them ? (500? 1000?)