The Flesh Horror Battlecrasher

The devs don’t like to comment on expectation values like that. They’ve said in the past that too many people see such a value as a firm ceiling—if the odds are such that you can expect to see a battlecrasher after 50 battles, people will start complaining at battle 51 that something is bugged. (The devs are not wrong about this. Statistics is hard, occasionally unintuitive, and not universally taught such that everyone knows how to interpret odds like that.)


Please check the game data and see how many players have more than 2 copies. Then you will see something is very wrong with the “decreasing chances” because it’s actually 0% after finding 2 copies.


I understand but like yesterday, we don’t know if it’s not working as intended or not. if we have guidelines, we can help devs know if something has gone wrong.

(of course by complaining, but don’t see complain as attack, see it as a way the customers informing devs of something not working as intended/as promoted)

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Event is NOT fun when we get tricked
not to mentioned the lycan and uber

As @Jeto mentioned this is not working as intended so I :zipper_mouth_face: for now.



Thank you for the response too. @Jeto


Thank you @Jeto!

Also, could you please double check New Faction Event for this weekend?
Somehow I’m in doubts regarding a smooth run of it…(let;'s say, like with Duergaroth was).

Do you test anything? A simple test plan would have caught this. These are really preventable bug. Ever here of a code review? I think you should start doing that. A experienced programmer would have caught this before it even went into testing.

I’m seeing Flesh Horror in game again.


If you managed to get copies of The Devil before reset, you should be able to verify their appearance did reset after the daily reset.

“to replace the one that you may have missed”

Oh come on. We missed out on two.


Honestly a tiny issue like this should have been fixed already…and this happens during a holiday event? Bad News

I just got a Flesh Horror too

Met 2 Flesh Horrors today.

Confirmed, looks like drop rate reset worked. Got 2 copies just before reset and 2 more after, to a total of 6 encountered for the week + 1 from mail. And I couldn’t wait to ascend.

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Now to see if the hard cap is still in place!


Hi folks,

The fix for this went out at daily reset time (7am GMT).

Please force close and re-open the game to ensure you have the latest game files installed for the fix.

The global mail has also been sent out.


I’m pretty disappointed in the one copy sent out. I got 2 within 6 minutes today and 2 within 10 minutes on Monday so if it was working I would have got 2 yesterday as well. Now that I only have 5 copies I have to go back to explore tomorrow for another copy if I want it at mythic.


Are we still limited at two per daily reset?

If not, can you explain why there is such a huge cliff in appearance rates after the second Flesh Horror encounter that has dropped The Devil (ie, it was killed and the battle was finished)?

Please don’t just repeat “the chance gets lower as you encouter more”. This has been stated. What we would like to know at this point is if:

  1. The chance is so much lower as to attempt to deliberately mislead players. Ie., for any game of chance where you tell someone “its random but gets lower” and allow the first two hits at a relatively high rate, they can observe this in all their peers as well, and tanking it to near-zero for the third and beyond would probably be seen as… a little less than honest.
  2. The statements about their not being a cap are erroneous in that the rate reduction can reach 0 (or near zero, by way of being a single value linear rate reduction), effectively capping how many are available per day, without there technically being a cap in the code
  3. There is a bug in the code where the rates are going to 0 or near zero after the second copy per day and this is not intended.

Please let us know which it is.


Got my 2 for today: done searching unless someone (i.e. a player who actually got it, not a mod recurrently avoiding to disclose the drop rate) confirms that it’s actually possible to get a 3rd
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