Remarkable casts

DRAAK after casting in a double humility team


That’s amazing. How did you get all of Draak’s stats increased by that much?

I wager, it was humility.

Yea, 2 humilities can go crazy pretty fast, I’ve been using it to generate gold in pvp before I have a strong enough team to do it normally.

I haven’t upgraded any traits on Humility yet.

Is that from casting Humility’s spell a dozen times, or from the traits being activated. Wouldn’t Humility have to take a lot of damage for the 3rd trait to produce the magnitude of stats displayed above? I don’t see how there is combo synergy between the troops?

Silly question: When the first Humility takes damage, does the second Humility’s trait activate? :wink:

well, the one humility increases a random stat on the other humility which can be magic, once one humility’s magic is increased it can increase the other humility’s magic by the now increased amount, which can end in some really insane numbers. if you get a good loop going its insane(I frequently beat 8k teams in pvp with my 3k team). I don’t have any traits on my humility so I can’t really answer that 2nd part, but I would imagine not.

I was lucky.The first humility casts,the second receives +17 magic.Then the second casts,draak receives +magic
No,the second humility must receive damage also,for the 3 trait to be activated