Video: Humility Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over several teams that can be used with Humility. Humility is mainly used as a magic buffing troop and front tank. I would highly advise having its 3rd trait before using it on your regular teams as he becomes exponentially stronger with it; otherwise, he is mainly just a viable looping version of Brian the Lucky.


Nice video. I think this new guardians is ridiculously OP. They’ll get nerfed before we can mythic them.

I’ve been having fun with Behemoth, Humility, Valkyrie, Druid. Behemoth and Druid both scale well with magic, and the looping makes the impervious Behemoth crazy tanky on top of the buffing from Humility. The color they don’t use is fodder for Valkyrie transformations.

@tacet Are you using the same team even paced Humility on 3 or 4th spot?

I never use Humility in any slot other than 1st. I just did it for this video to show at least one early game team for people who can’t afford the 30 arcanes to trait it. He is a much slower troop without his trait and not in first slot, but is relatively well paced with the traits.

@tacet cool video George :smiley: … but your famed ‘Helllllooooooo everyone’ always gets me scrambling for my volume controller… you just scared the hell out of my cats… and wife and kids…

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Hide your kids, hide your wife, because “HELLOOO EVERYOONEE!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been trying to remember to back off a few inches before doing the intro so the audio is more balanced with everything else, but many times I forget. xD


I want to use humility in the first slot, but it is a common at the moment. :confounded:

Loving the Brian/Humility combo. I am using Thrall instead of Herdmaster. Thrall takes 1 turn to fill up with +2 purple banner, and destroys the whole board after a couple magic buffs.