More timing weirdness with Humility

In the screenshot below, I’ve just made a 4-match and triggered Virtue of Humility with Kraken damage.

The fourth troop doesn’t have two armor left like the first and second troops do (tried to pay attention to the third troop, but I got distracted). This happened several more times. Can’t do much more testing right now, but if anyone has a fully-traited Humility and two fully-traited Krakens and wants to play with this, I suspect there is some interaction between Humility’s trait and the second Kraken.

Edit: as an aside, my team is ridiculously amusing to play. And pretty darned fast against any team that doesn’t include 1+ Humility troops.


Damn, I’d test this but I don’t have Humility traited. Might try and find someone online who does later this evening.

Was it always the fourth troop that didn’t have armour?

I have noticed some times where I feel my kraken isnt working, the “tentacles” not popping up or their hp not going down. Don’t know if it was specific to humility.

I have had a lot of bugs since using kraken, weird ones where the front troop will “skull damage” each troop down the row for 3 damage. Fun to watch but not what it should be doing lol

From my sample size of 1, yes.


And if the first enemy troop was a wraith, he just froze and deathmarked his whole team, which is weirdly satisfying everytime it happens.^^


aww id check it out but this sunday i ascended 6 krakens to use them for gw and left myself only one kraken :confused:


I waited till I got seven Mabs for exactly that reason. :slight_smile:

i didnt think ill need more then 1 kraken :sweat_smile:
well this week ill open some chests for new mythic so maybe one will drop :slight_smile:


I did the same thing but I didn’t realize I would only have 1 left.

At a guess I’d think the logic went:

Match 4
Trigger Kraken
Damage first troop for 3
Damage second troop for 3
*** Trigger Humilty
*** Give first troop 2 armor
*** Give second troop 2 armor
*** Give third troop 2 armor
*** Give fourth troop 2 armor
Damage third troop for 3 (which knocks out the 2 armor gained from humility)
Damage fourth troop for 3 (which knocks out the 2 armor gained from humility)


Except there were two Krakens, so might have triggered all of the first one first, then as you said for the second one?

EDIT: @Grundulum what banner do you use for that team? Dark Elven?

Progress. I only ever fire the Kraken as an emergency measure. The goal is to just loop between Alchemist and Hellcat over and over again until the enemy team poofs out of existence. :slight_smile:

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The entire process fires twice, start first kraken, resolve humility, finish first kraken, start second, resolve humility, finish second kraken.

It kinda also explains the issue with life drain saving a troop from bombot:
Cast bombot while troop has 20 life
Bombot deals 20 life to troop (damage sources never report for more than needed to kill)
Bombot dies
*** Bombot death triggers gain life
*** troop gains 4 life
Resolve troop life: 20 - 20 + 4 = 4
Troop survives.


Yup, fair enough. This is why I need to avoid logic till I had my coffee.

If anyone could get some more screenshots of this, that would be amazing.

Send me five Runic Wind traitstones so I can get that third trait and I will send you all the screenshots you want. :stuck_out_tongue:



So I moved the Brown to make a run of 4.
Kraken triggered
Alchemist damaged by 3 going from 2 armor 12 life to 0 armor 11 life
Humility damaged by 3 going from 2 / 61 to 0 / 60
** Humility triggered
** Alchemist gains 2 armor going to 2/11
** Humility gains 2 armor going to 2/60
** Abhorath gains 2 armor going to 2/36
** Archdruid gains 2 armor going to 2/27
Kraken finishes resolving…
Abhorath damaged by 3 going to 0/35
Archdruid damaged by 3 going to 0/26


What I can see from these screenshots doesn’t show what you are describing, could you run me through it again?

I know it’s a big ask but could anyone get some footage of this? I want to fully understand what the problem is before I submit it for a bug report and put it into the 3.0 known issues thread.

The sequence I got is that Humility’s third trait triggers after Kraken damages it (duh). However, at that point Kraken has not yet damaged the third or fourth troops, as the damage appears to be resolved sequentially from top to bottom. The third and fourth troops therefore get their armor from Virtue of Humility, only to have it immediately taken away by Kraken as it continues to work down the list of troops. The first troop and Humility get to keep their armor, since Kraken had already damaged them by the time Virtue triggered.

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Though the timing is weird, the maths is correct, I believe.

It gets even weirder when there are two Humility troops and you trigger Kraken’s Tentacles. Think the maths is still correct, mind.