Humility teams for Pc and Mobile

Hey so I have a Humility team. This is how it goes


The way you use this team is you use Alchemist to boost up Humility to full and then mix with red gems thus filling up your alchemist and Draakulis. You have two humilily because they play off each other and boost magic for more bonuses. Draakulis is interchangeable with any true damage to all enemies type of person, I just like Draakulis because of the amount of life’s real at the end. You can use Crimson bat instead of Draakulis, or somebody else cause I can’t name another one lol. These teams are getting more popular and I know @Tacet made something like this.(Great videos btw) but I wanted to share mine. A good game should have something looking like this

or less lol. Thanks for reading I just wanted to share goodbye.

This doesn’t look like a good game since you finished by matching gems instead of nuking with Draakulis though.

This looks more like you already had decent stats and could finish your ennemy but, out of boredom, or maybe for a “better” screen shot, you went for the overkill and kept spamming Humility to simply crush your ennemy with Humility’s own spell :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are completely right there lol

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Lol… It reminds me of a time way back when I didn’t know there is a soul cap and I was buffing Valkyrie up to the point she generated like 500 souls per cast. After half an hour or so I was actually looking forward to leveling most of my troops. The biggest disappointment in the whole game :grin:

Anyway, no need to keep this thread on the main page… Cheers!!