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Why I love my PvP team

I thought it would be fun to have a place to share why we love our respective PvP teams.
If possible, include a screenshot.

Here is why I love MY PvP team:

Why do you love yours? :wink:

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Yeah 60 true damage in your dreams

That is a legit screenshot @Rickygervais. :wink:

Humility’s third trait fires every turn when an opponent has a fully traited death.
Add to that the fact that I actually got a cast off of Humility’s spell and he happened to target both Bat’s Magic stat and BAM 60 true dmg per bat!

It is beautiful.
Makes me cry a little… :joy:

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Yeah, it’s legit. I use Humility with Crimson Bat a lot and it’s scary.

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You just inspired me to try and trait humility. I spent 1500 extra glory than I should this week, and only got 2 traits done. Curse you Efh! lol

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On a positive note, the new Innkeeper bundle out this week comes with Summer stones.

Unfortunately, it’s 300 glory for 1 stone and Humility requires a metric ton of them.

Yep 24 of them to be exact. FML

Thats only 7200 glory! :wink:

Yeah not much, just 7200 more than I have. :unamused:

I’m sure there are many places you have yet to EXPLORE in Whitehelm @HKdirewolf:wink:

Even without traits,Humility is pretty potent.

Someone, I forget who, came up with
Priest (Sun and Moon)

It can be fast with luck.

Yeah does seem to be a pretty okay troop either way. I just needed that 3rd trait to boost my bat team. :slight_smile:

The variant that i’ve been using is:


It’s really fun.

I got Humility’s second trait done & I’ll leave the third for later–pick up a few more stones randomly, do some explores maybe.

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I’ve been noticing an odd thing with the RNG and Humility, it seems that whenever I bust out my Humility team I almost never get enough yellow mana in a match to fill him up. But with his third trait I can still win easily without yellow mana, I seem to notice that maybe 1 or 2 games in 10 I get his spell off.

He’s not easy to fill. So much so that I use the infernal banner with my Humility team so he’s pretty much there just for his 3rd trait and to soak up damage.

That team is all well and fun, …when (if) one of the bats actually gets the magic buff :wink: it can be frustrating when they keep getting armor / hp / attack, and dangerous (as any guild guardian) if/when you feed a lot of mana and extra turns to the AI.

Don’t get me wrong, usually all you need is one of the bats getting the magic bump which results in ~34 true dmg, That +1 normal bat cast wipes out almost anything (except for the hero). All I’m saying is it’s rarely all daisies and happiness like on the screenshot :smiley:

Humility’s 3rd trait gives +2 magic every time he takes damage. That’s how he’s getting so high, not with the spell alone.

and that doesn’t work this well 90% of the time, the ONLY troop giving you that reliable return from this trait is 3-traited Death (like on the screenshot). The trait doesn’t proc until you take HP dmg (armor hits don’t trigger it) and Humility can take what, 2-3 skull hits at best?

so yeah :wink: Humility is fun as hell vs Death, that’s about it. Even poison is not as AWESOME due to the 50% proc rate

e/ to comply with the premise of this topic, I love my faceroll EK / valk / bat / mercy team every single time when RNG smiles upon me and I get to MANA DRAIN the shit out of the double manticore before AI gets first turn, muahaha. (no screen shot, but you get the idea).


I run EK / Valk / Bat / Mercy and a couple of other EK builds. They’re great for sure.

No, it doesn’t work that well 90% of the time but it’s probably fair to say that the biggest reason it doesn’t get that high is because the enemy is already dead. :+1:

But against a Horseman team, especially one with Death, a Humility-led team is superior. There are going to be times when you don’t get enough match-4 and EK doesn’t get filled fast enough to offset being completely raped by the Horsemen’s 3rd traits.

It really comes down to the fact that Khorvash is the lynchpin of the team. If he gets neutralized or killed, the entire team is severely compromised. Whereas a team with say TDS and Bat, led by Humility is getting buffed the entire time Humility is getting pummeled and they’re both doing AOE. By the time Humility dies (and he will) he’s already done his part passively and the real damage dealers are ready to go.

That’s why I use both teams and select them based on the makeup of the team I’m facing.


For clarity:
I am not claiming that this is what it looks like EVERY match. Not at all, but when it does, it makes me fall in love all over again with this team.

In defense of my team:
My Bats start with an 18 true dmg. I can count on 3 firings of Humility’s third trait in almost every battle. That’s +6 magic. I fill both my bats and wait for Humility to die. If Im lucky I can fire of its spell, I always choose skulls to help the AI kill my Humility. That brings my bats to a reliable 24 true dmg. If I scout a team and their life total is below 48 for all troops without a barrier or life spammer (Celestasia/Lady Anariel). I bring in my Bat Duo Team. It is a reliable two turn death stroke. If there isn’t an opponent that will fall to it. I have lots of other builds to play with! :wink:

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