Redundant currencies

Redundant currency seems to be a theme in this game. I am a high lvl 1499 gamer and have amassed every troop Zuul included . I have amassed diamonds glory gems etc as I have nothing to spend them on. Orbs of power are a complete waste after you get Zuul what do you do with all the other orbs you have collected and don’t get me started on souls. We need more creativity something we can use our excess resources on . Putting it simply I’m bored I feel like a farmer with a load of produce but nobody to sell it to .

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This is pretty common in RPGs. For example, in Final Fantasy 7:

  • At first, Gold is your most precious resource. Weapon upgrades are your biggest boost.
  • Then, XP is your most precious resource. Good weapons come from treasure.
  • Finally, AP is your most precious resource, your power lies in your materia.

In GoW terms, you outgrew those currencies. You’re supposed to be farming Ritz and medals. Have you raised the Elite level for all your troops? Are all your kingdoms at max power? That’s the direction the treadmill’s headed.

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Medals etc are a small fraction of the game when you amass all other resources you begin to feel like a hamster on a wheel going nowhere fast if all you have left is collecting medals it is soul destroying . Say the orbs of power there should be more troops than just Zuul, or even a kingdom with troops that can only be created with orbs of power , eg 1 power orb for a common troop 2 for rare and so on. At least this would give the game longevity and something to strive to

That’s the curse of an end-gamer. You just reached limits of what the game can offer. The devs add new things regularly nevertheless, but not with the speed of Universe growing.