Soul forge currency exchange

Many of us now have excess currencies that we will never need. It would be so great to exchange for a different currency we actually need. What do I do with excess dragonite? Power orbs? Would love to swap them out for diamonds or gems. Don’t even get me started on ingots. And orbs of forging. Would love to swap those out for other orbs that I will actually lose. The exchange rates could be not great and I would still be thankful for the opportunity to get rid of stuff that just accumulates with no purpose. Kind of like 1 pet food for extra pet copies.


Let’s break down some of the exchanges:

  • Dragonite → Gem Dragons (even after you have the full set, it’s still technically an option) → Disenchant
  • Cursed Runes → miscellaneous Soulforge recipes (Angry Anvil, Dark Smith Drenza, Vault Key, various Orbs)
  • Ingots (up to Legendary) → The Tower → Disenchant
  • Mythic Ingots → !? (no exchanges available, and new Mythic Weapons are a super rare occasion)
  • Orbs of Growth/Wisdom/Ascension → Major orbs → Orbs of Power
  • Orbs of Power → Zuul’Goth, Enraged Kuranadara → Disenchant
  • Orbs of Ingots/Forging → !?
  • Orbs of Minions → !?

Literally anything that you can exchange for a Troop can ultimately be exchanged for Souls (and in turn used for anything else), so that’s a start…

Right, so when you get to a certain point you would never use an orb of power to upgrade troops because you have scads of the other orbs. And you have Zuul Goth and Enraged K, so then you end up with a pile you can’t use.

Same deal with dragonite - I have multiples of all the color ones, and 2 Diamantinas at this point. I have a pile of it I can’t use.

I meant to say Orbs of Ingots above - I definitely need more Orbs of Forging and would love to trade in ingots/orbs of ingots for orbs of forging.

I’m not yet maxed out on pets and they keep introducing more so Yay Orbs of Minions. They have an ongoing purpose. Same with the orbs that help you get elite medals - although I am sure there are plenty of players who mostly don’t need them, either. Although new troops keep coming into the game, so once again, Yay, these have a purpose.

I totally get that this is a late game player problem but if you love this game and keep playing it, you will eventually have this issue.

Asked for something similar several years ago already …
Result … not even a twitch from the devs …
Seems like they are deaf :deaf_man: for requests from (end game) players that would actually be useful to them.
But then again … Maybe it’s us not shouting loud enough :man_shrugging:

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I read something from @Wooly in another thread hyoothesizing that the introduction of GAPs caused so much pain that they are now working hard to monetize all the new stuff to make up for it, along with the idea that this is an industry standard for this type of game. That makes sense to me and I’m happy to buy stuff occasionally to support the game. BUT, I think that the product development should balance the need for new features/money with making long time customers happy. Classic product manager issue for big industry software, as well. It should make sense to them that keeping players happy is a very close second to making a profit. I am a big fan of this game but a few decisions recently have just baffled me. Hello TRIALS! And the kingdoms reborn - those are just boring and not fun in any way.