New Orb idea

An Orb that gives Gold, an Orb that gives Glory, and an Orb that gives us Gems.

Nah. Once you’ve completed the World Map & start investing in Kingdom levels, daily income and hourly tributes already provide a steady (if modest) supply of these basic resources … to say nothing of “endgame” players who’ve largely exhausted all the “sinks” they can spend such things on and have surpluses in the thousands to millions.

Like it or not, the latter is why new grinds tend to introduce new resources (Gnome Verses, Cursed Runes, Dragonite).


I would rather not see the chaos orb pool diluted further. The addition of orbs for upgrading pets and doomed weapons was nice because it takes a long time to obtain the necessary pet rescues and the desired forge scrolls. Gold, glory and gems are easy to obtain by simple grinding.


Why not jump fully into the thought process that “anything worth doing is worth overdoing”? By adding in an “Orb of Treasure Maps” as well?



As others have noted, we fortunately already have those Orbs in the game. They are the resources themselves, Gold, Glory and Gems. No need for middle men!

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We’ve already a big pool of orbs. Some of orbs are clearly new.
Don’t extend the pool with useless things

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