More exclusive content with existing currencies instead of only creating new currencies

It feels like there’s a tendency to add a currency and then abandon the idea of further exclusive content tied to that same currency. It would be nice to see follow-ups with existing currencies.

I remember how I saved up diamonds after xanethos. I stupidly paid actual money to get diamonds quicker to get the next exclusive craftable only mythic. That was years ago, and I still grumble when I think about it. It was one and done. When will there be another xanothos craftable only mythic WITH DIAMONDS.

Once you have zuul, power orbs are worth little more than a major ascension orb (growth and wisdom orbs have little value to most end game players). So if someone crafts a power orb, they just wasted 2 major ascension orbs, or if they just paid money for it after zuul, that’s useless too versus spending less for a major ascension orb. It would be nice to have another zuul like troop that takes POWER ORBS to create, even a half zuul would be nice.

We did one massive souls weapon. It would be nice to do a second dawnbringer, which could cost even more souls.

It would just be nice to feel that all of our existing currencies still have lots of value and that every new content doesn’t have to come with a new currency. It would be nice to get a few bonuses for the work we’ve already done, instead of adding more grind and starting from the beginning every time.


Sadly I think they can’t do that because anything they add will be bought up by end gamers with mountains of currencies immediately and the devs couldn’t monetize whatever it ends up being.


Agreed to the nth. If i agreed any more, I’d burst into a fireball of ice.

We don’t mind grinding for resources, but good gods, the inventory list alone would keep me from starting if I were to pick up this game fresh now.


I’m an"end-gamer", as is most of intrim and the Krakens and anon and [insert hella long list of end gamers in old guilds]. They are no longer sitting on mountains. Most of us have “retired” or taken months off or quit entirely. Yes, a rare few have kept up, but if you’re talking 1200+… few of us still have 9+ hrs to grind all day every day. Spread the currencies around, some will win, some will grind. But bloody hell there’s enough to be going on with.


Personally, I was hoping to see another Xathenos like mythic in the forge at some point.


I would like to see power orbs also fully medal a a troop so they are relevant again.


I love that idea. Medalling a mythic is expensive already, that’s not far off in value and both are pretty limited.

This is exactly the reason why the game won’t likely ever see any end-game item ever be craftable in the same way Dawnbringer or Xanethos was. Also, for a “second” reason, that line of thinking was “old GoW”, which is on its last beams of twilight before probably being retired with 5.0. This line of thinking flies directly in the face of “new GoW” thinking, which favors years-long chases for goals using unique currencies that are very tightly controlled in their release by the devs.

I would go so far as to suggest there is even a more-than-slight possibility that 5.0 might serve as a hard reset to the economy with third-map content requiring currencies that are unique to the third map as a way of saying “this content is new GoW only”. Not saying that it will happen, but is something that could possibly be under consideration for 5.0 and beyond as a way to address endgamers with extensive gem and key generating capacities.


Only if you get to select each one, all 3, your choice. Bc power orbs are top top

I fear you might be right. That sounds like more stuff like deeds. I could instantly get multiple stat bonuses, but that already costs me too much gold in PvP so I have to hoard this otherwise useful resources.

These sort of things feel like penalties for investing in the game.

While I kinda agree that this may happen based on previous update streams…I wonder why the dev’s wouldn’t have started over with GOW2 and still maintain support for both (at least temporarily).

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If that indeed does come true then I feel it would be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back for many players. Over the last 4+ years I have really watched my resource spending and been pretty conservative, but all of that would have been for basically nothing if a hard reset happens. I sure haven’t invested all of these hours of playing and saving just to have to start all over again.


It would not be a hard reset. You won’t lose anything you have, if they do that the backlash would be apocalyptic.
Rather, what Lyrian refers to (I think) would be like an expansion for a more traditional game. Yes, you can bring along all your old stuff, but because, let’s pick something random, all troops in this new realm are ethereal they can only be hurt by other ethereal troops and all your old stuff has no value here. In that sense it would be almost like starting a new game.
And if you have no interest in that, you are free to keep playing your old game, or at least until the new stuff starts bleeding in.

But this is all speculation, very few people know anything for sure about 5.0

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You aren’t wrong with that line of thinking. The more one invests in their account to advance it in some way, the greater the investment needed to reach that next increment of power. This is evident in the upper tier (10+) kingdom Power ratings as well as Level ratings with deeds. The devs have already signaled on a past Q&A that Levels 16-20 will require increasing amounts of deeds, with Imperials being the hard roadblock and not colored deeds (that’s what the 1000 Writ → 1 Imperial Deed crafting recipe is for).

Stix is mostly right here.

Think about how the gem and key generating capacities of top guilds. How many players in a lategame guild can buy out up to Tier 6 in every weekly event shop for free because of advanced kingdom star development and frequent logins to collect gems. I know I personally can when I want to, so I know everyone in top guilds can as well. The original gem income system from five years ago was simply not designed with the state of the game as it is today.

Then, we have screenshots of people generating many hundreds of gem/event keys per week in guilds that can farm LTs that practically guarantee riskless Mythics every month.

Mudflation will keep happening. More kingdom stars, more passive gold generation, more free keys from LTs. For endgamers, this is a Monty Haul campaign. From a monetization perspective, you can’t monetize this type of campaign well, if at all. The delve situation with Potions of Power are about as much as one can do to monetize players with extravagant resource generating capacities.

In my personal opinion, Epic Tasks were an attempt to do something about the Monty Haul situation in top guilds. But, players do not take kindly to having resources taken away from them that they are accustomed to generating. At the end of the day, most of the resources from LTs were retained in the Epic Tasks, and top guilds could still farm LTs.

So, if you were a dev looking at this situation, how would you fix it? Honestly, you probably can’t at this point. The ship has sailed and it’s too late without doing something incredibly draconian that will cause obscene amounts of damage to the health of the game. Doubling the cost of event shop tiers to deal with ever-increasing gem generating capacities will only alienate younger accounts and anger the vets. Reducing the mythic draw rate to 1 in 2k, 3k, or 5k gem keys to reduce players’ gigantic stockpiles of resources only achieves the same result.

Pure speculation and again stressing personal opinion and armchair DM’ing here, but unless there’s something incredibly innovative waiting in the wings, the probable best way to handle the economic situation is to sandbox the economy in the first and second maps and have a partial (if not fully) unique economy in the third map moving forward. By doing so, the economic problems currently at hand don’t bleed into third map and stay in the older maps as “legacy” content. It also places all players at the same starting point on the third map, so that endgamers don’t massively jump ahead of new accounts (especially if new currencies are tightly controlled).

Anything is possible though, with 5.0.


Hi All,

I made last week a topic over POWER ORBS
Also here they are start shining lesser of the dust on them…

But its all more then 2 years ago that you all tried to got something aka Zuul, Xanethos get in Soulforge

I had the idea to level a pet to mythic with it
But the idea to use them for full medal an mythic is also a great imo fair worthy option for using the POWER ORB

If I have already so much on the shelf then I think indeed that the dev’s are aware by bring in a BOSS / MYTHIC in forge is not interesting for their pocket or you get a high gem price next to the power orbs :frowning:
But different RAID BOSSES and every KD a own BOSS sounds great to me! A Idea of @ripper6555 !!

So even its more then 7 years ago I want to get this back in the spotlight, who knows if it can reach the dev’s to brainstorm what they could do to keep THE VETERANS in their game.

Maybe before I retire is there something news under the sun but can say I hope much faster coz Im far away from end player for so far I have their control over :wink:

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You should make this a feature and request suggestion I think it would be wonderful to use orbs of power to medal troops with a 100% chance.

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I don’t see a choice for “feature request” by itself. I only see “Feature Requests and Game feedback” which is the category it already had.

Well I meant making that suggestion as its own post instead of a comment further down on this thread as it may or may not get seen. If the title and topic do not interest people they tend to not click on it or engage with it. As it’s own topic people will engage with the idea if they like it rather than possibly get buried in this post. If it is something you’d like to see implemented that is typically how the devs notice. If people have read the OP and decided not to engage with it they are unlikely to revisit this thread that’s how it works.

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Feel free to make the suggestion yourself.

Power orbs to fully medal a troop was @Jefferson idea. I’ve got to tune out guys, as I’m behind on my writing assignments.