Reduce time consuming actions (outside of battles)

I know, to make a game more appealing for new players, there must be a lot of (modern) “bling bling” animations. I know, for new players it is easier to understand the GUI of a game, when it is structured and less informations per screen is good.
Unfortunatly, for all passionate players playing your game for mounth, the features mentioned above are simply annoying. Fortunatly, there are a lot of thinks you can do to improve the game experience for verterans:

(1) Make a new Option to:
1a) skip animations (outside of battles) entirely. Just show the last frame (thumps up for this) OR
1b) accelerate the animations (outside of battles) drastically
*Where are the animations?:

  • Login - new day → gold rewardfs
  • Main map: new ressources form kingdoms
  • Guild: tasks finished
  • PvP: summary of defences
  • After a battle: Battle summary !!!
  • Leveling up of cards
  • trait-animation before the battle starts

(2) Just make the game-flow quicker by reducing needless/annouying mouse-clicks/touches:

  • After battle: Just summarise all loot to one screen (traitstones, gold, …) like you did with the rewards at the end of a week/event
  • PVP: Skip the screen where i can see the hero and level of my next opponent and include the level and the skip button to the next screen → If a player wants to skip a fight, he make this descission based on scouting, not on the player level od the character model.
  • Dont move back to the main map after finishing a quest or a challenge

Along with faster game speed (i.e. gem drops, casting time, etc) this has been mentioned numerous times already. I hope it finally shows up on the devs priority list.

This one is really annoying, especially if there are a lot of traits on both sides, and I already see the board and may spot some good moves, but no matter how much I want to match that 4-skull already, I just can’t - have to wait for all those animations to finish.

I also agree with The rest of them, but I can live with most.

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