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Possibility to remove animations

i was wondering if there is any way to remove the animation at the start of the fight ( when you see each bonus each troop get)

Cause when you try to farm some stone and you make the same challenge over and over it’s really boring to wait 4-5 sec before you can make your first move
Maybe they could add an option to put on or off these animations in challenge or during pvp


Another way of addressing this issue would just be to allow you to make moves while it’s still doing the animations. I agree it’s very annoying to have to wait for all the bonus animations before you can make your first move.


I wouldn’t mind this too. Also, the sound the game makes when a trait activates (kind of a high-pitched whining sound) is quite irritating, especially when it goes off multiple times in a row, like at the beginning of a match as traits are applied. If this suggestion would get rid of both the time delay as the OP mentioned, and the irritating sounds, I would be all over this. I don’t mind the sound when it goes once or twice when a move is played (or even 15 times when you make some crazy valk combo w. water link activated), but all the repetition at the beginning seems unnecessary.


I agree, it gets VERY loud if multiple traits trigger and I often find myself turning the volume down, only for the other sounds to be too quiet afterward. The loud trait-triggering sound is disproportionately loud, it’s like those annoying commercials that are way louder than the program you were watching and you are forced to adjust the volume.

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If you match a ton of skulls at once the tv nearly goes through the wall


I would support turning off all animation, too, including when you trigger spells, leaving it to just the game mechanic animations of falling gems and so forth. Even ‘Extra Turn’ doesn’t need to be animated. This could help extend battery if you’re on the bus and at 15% battery and want to play Gems of War for at least 20 minutes to get home.


The trait activation animation annoys me particularly because of the random (probably loading-induced) delay between them. So I’ll try to start playing, only to find that the gems won’t respond because there’s still traits to display.

The animations in general tend to hide more than they notify. I’m often wondering which troop is being targeted by a spell because the animation of the character is covering it up. I also find that the “extra turn” and "select a gem " messages annoying because they cover up the board when I most want to be looking at it. So I’m definitely in favor of an option to streamline the experience a little.

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If I was drinking something when I read this, I would have spit it all over my keyboard. Guaranteed.

Hehe, what skull generator team do you use?

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I don’t use one anymore, but I did when I played on console, so the feels is there.

That’s not to say that I still don’t get to enjoy the sound mechanics. I once made the mistake of having my volume all the way up and a multi-proc mana surge from Valkyrie blessed my ears at a nearly-fatal decibel level. I wasn’t sure whether to be upset or impressed. The downside; I wasn’t going to be able to hear for a week. The irrefutable upside was the historical accuracy. Had those chants simultaneously been carried out in the hall of Valhalla, the payoff would have been deafening.

The truth couldn’t be ignored, so I just brushed it off, turned my volume down and never made the same mistake again (yet…).

Haha. Been there, done that. I remember my cat falling of the couch. I noticed the voice gets even louder when it says “mana surge”. Now I have all sounds muted. For my own and cat’s sake :smiley: