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Please give us the ability to turn off the new gem bounce animation

In the most recent update there has been a new “bounce” animation added to gem drops. This slows the game down. While some people may enjoy this new animation, it would be nice if you would provide a way for us to turn it off for those of us who do not enjoy it.


If you game is slowing down I think that comes under a separate issue to the Gem bounce. If you don’t mind sharing (or PM’ing me) your platform, and if you are on mobile or PC your device specs? What playspeed are you on?

I am on Xbox (using the fastest Xbox available, the Xbox One X) and using 4x speed.

Also, I should be clear: my game is not slowing down in that it is seizing up or anything. What is happening is the bounce animation has to finish before the next move is made. At 4x speed, it is really noticeable how long that bouncing takes.

A good analogy would be Microsoft Office, particularly Excel. The default setting is for a small animation to occur when you move from cell to cell. If you are a heavy Excel user that animation can slow you down and interrupt otherwise speedy workflow. Fortunately, that animation can be turned off so when you move from cell to cell it flies there instantly without animation delay.

What I am requesting is being able to remove the animation delay from my games, as it was before, so battles can be done faster with less of the intrusive “bounce”.

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yes please let us have a turn off option for that

my members getting headaches , they playing on pc on 2x speed
i know thats the problem


I’ve confirmed with the team that the Gem animation changes only slow the game down to 0.1 of a second at the most, especially if you’re playing on a speed higher than x1.25. This is actually how the game was over a year ago originally before we moved engines from Adobe Air to Unity.

Glad to hear you’re not referring to a performance issue overall, though :slight_smile:

I second this (PC). It doesn’t go quite as fluid as it was before. There is a slight delay as described above by MrRodster for some animation or board refresh or whatever it is. I can probably get used to it, but I don’t think we need a turn to go slower than before. If anything, I’d like it to be faster :grimacing:

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Can we request the devs to stop putting new visual animations into the game during matches? Simple is preferred!


Thanks, Cyrup.

I know it’s a very short delay. 0.1 seconds sounds about right. The thing is, for all-day users throwing up hundreds of very quick battles, those little delays can add up. Not “well now I don’t have time for lunch” amounts of time, more “these little delays after every single board movement are getting really annoying” amounts of time.

Or think of it this way. Yes, 0.1 seconds is not much time, but imagine, say, if there were such a delay between every word of every sentence somebody said to you. That. Would. Get. Annoying. Pretty. Quickly. :smiley:


Some of us are also bothered by screenshake, such as with explosions.

Maybe we could have an option for minimal animation that eliminates effects like bouncing and shaking. It wouldn’t have to make the game faster, just less movement to prevent headaches and other ill effects.


Please let us turn it off and I am glad someone else is already bother by this. I am actually getting a headache from it and I have not played more than 20 battles yet.

Xbox one 4x speed


I do like them bouncing, though. No need to remove it altogether.

A lot of User Experience comes down to psychology, not stopwatches. The goal is to make people feel good about the experience, not optimize the metrics.

This is most apparent in studies around progress bars. Users were subjected to several waits in software, each using progress bars with different strategies. Some tracked progress accurately. Others quickly approached 90%, then accurately scaled the remaining 10%. Others intentionally slowed down the first 90%, then caught up.

It turns out people preferred the progress bars that went very slowly at first, then sped through the final phases. Two interesting findings:

  • People indicated those progress bars finished faster even though all progress bars in the initial tests had identical delays.
  • In later tests, people rated themselves as more satisfied with the wait using the “lying” progress bars even when they took longer than the rest.

So sure, the math of the animation tells you it’s “not much slower”. But the people who play your game are telling you it feels wrong and is unpleasant. I don’t think it’s wise to respond to players by invalidating their feelings. This is you asking people to pay you to spend their free time playing a video game, not about being mathematically accurate.


LOL @ the jello

But seriously, this bouncyness is really annoying omg!!

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Can this please be an option in the 4.2.5 if not silently pushed sooner in the background?