A way to skip the traits presentations

It’s not a new suggestion or anything like that. I just thought it would be nice to have a ‘skip’ button one can click on, or have an option in the settings to turn off the traits presentations.

Eika :slight_smile:


A way to make animations not show would be nice. Like a way to turn off all animations including soul animations when leveling up.

I’d be for a setting to turn off all animations. Some times, I’m ok with them and like them. But other times, I just don’t want to wait.


+1 on this!

Use a troop with an empowered ability that doesn’t require a click on the board and you can cast it early. This essentially skips the trait animations. They still occur, but they will continue occurring during the AI’s turn rather than wasting time at the start of the match.

I concur!! :wink:


If the kingdom tribute and defense rewards collect screens could be sped up (remove the animation, make all the information visibile instantly) that would be really great, too.

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I would really appreciate a skip all animations button in the settings. It’s cool to see the first few times but grows old very quickly.

It’s especially tedious when you are leveling up guys to 10 for kingdoms and have to wait for the animation every time you press the button to level up one at a time (if you have too much souls and don’t want to dump them all into one troop).

Over time that sucks up a lot of valuable time :stuck_out_tongue:

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