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Poll : Remove all animation option

i previously thought the trait activation wheels were too much now they have turned the game into a fireworks show!

  • I’d like an option to turn off ingame animations.
  • no,i enjoy triggering seizures while wasting precious seconds in battle after each move!

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Wow, those poll options are totally neutrally phrased!:rofl: (Though very, very true - not a complaint!)


i mean shouldn’t even the lower graphics settings remove the effects automatically? all games ive played lowering settings removes most animations etc just not this one apparently :frowning:

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As an epileptic gamer, option 2 made me LOL literally!!



They really need an option to turn the animations off.

On a good day, they don’t bother me. On a bad health day, it’s way too much.


The animations don’t bother me that much, but I’d like the ability to turn them off just so I can see the troops more clearly. Right now I play at 4x except for Guild Wars at 1.5x. I would probably do the same for the particle effects: off for Guild Wars, on the rest of the time.


Do you mean all animations or just the new particle effects? @en9nhcet

The question is ambiguous and badly-phrased. I don’t ever want to lose the spell animations, mana collection and so on.

Agree we could lose (or at least tone down) the flashy fizzspark particle effects everywhere.

I voted ‘no’. I will change my vote to ‘yes’ if you clarify that it’s only the new bling effects you mean…

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I agree the question is ambiguous; I don’t wanna lose spell effects or the gems moving, either.

Basically, what I voted for (I hope) was “turn back status effects and remove particles so that everything is like it was three days ago before the newest update”.

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I like the new graphic effects but I think they should be optional.


I can no longer play PvP at all with these new animations I have no idea what the hell is going on anymore. Luckily I can always do Arena…oh wait Dawn Bringer is still 6 out o 8 matches oh well I can always…play something else. Well played dev’s… well played :wink:

Nice biased poll, I said no just to spite it.

That and m eyes aren’t terrible and I can actually handle a little bit of colour seeing as I’ve been playing games and watching films for the better part of twenty years and this is nothing compared to some other titles.

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Same then other i want to keep spell animation but these star wars firework need to go

All the talk about this reminded me of the Simpsons visit to Japan:

Have we learned nothing?


I think the OP is trying to be funny with such poll, but aside from spite i think we can agree that having AN OPTION to turn off the animations and effects will never be detritemental to any game. It just makes said game more inclusive as more people will be able to enjoy it making some adjustments.

True, choice is always better than no choice we are all pro choice here!

Great point. I’ve switched to no.

They need options to individually turn off each of the animation options. Though given the option to play with all animation on, or all animations off, I’d probably choose all off at this point.

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I hope so some effects make it difficult to see the card, burning for one and other effects are barely visible so you can’t tell. The previous version was much preferred.

This is EXACTLY what came to mind for me as well. Gems of War started out as a Fantasy style match-3 then went to a Sci-Fi UI and now we’re doing anime apparently. I wonder what the next update will bring…?


Anime bomb