Option to turn status effect graphics static

The new update is here, and everything is flickering and flashing even more than before. That is great, if you’re playing on a tiny phone or are having a sugar rush.
However after a couple of fights on a normal screen (and in a well-lit room; I don’t want to think about how that’s gonna be tonight) I can already say, that my eyes are hurting and I am worried to play sessions for longer than 30 minutes.

It can’t be hard to include a still image for effects like shield, freeze or blessing, that still allows to spot them on a card, but does not strike you in the face with it.
Please do that. Pretty please.


YES. Please. The flashing is just too much. Please, please, please.


Yes, the flashing is hazardous and is causing seizures for some


Yes, please reduce the intensity of these animations and provide an option to use static graphics. I refrain from using Gargoyle Gem teams because it’s difficult for me to read the board with all the motion from Submerged, Reflect, and other status effects.


Signing into this thread because I too get mini seizures from all the stacking non-static status effects.

GOW was one of the games I actually could play because the status effects were static…
now I can no longer play due to health concerns…

We need this option quick!

(otherwise I have no choice but to quit permanently)


Yes, we need an option to have low flicker/flash animations and graphics.


We lost another member and friend today because of the terrible design changes with 7.0. Still no information about 7.1? :sob:


I did not get seizures from it just ungodly migraines. I asked multiple times. Even got a half effort generic reply to one of the times I brought it up. I stalled as long as I could giving myself headaches just to drag my feet in hopes that change came as I like the game and the people but I hit the end of my rope. The white towel is thrown in. Thanks IP2 for years of good times and what was/could still be a good game. But you are and continue to lose a lot of your paying player base with the lack of communication and urgency on actual health concern issues you brought into your game. So with that said. I wish everybody the best of luck. I am out of here