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A couple of things

Can we see about a couple of features?

  1. A way to retreat while it’s the opponents turn.
    You get stuck in an opponent’s loop and it can be torture waiting for your turn. Its not rage quit its frustration quit. As of now the only option is to close the app and still wait through the game and main screen loading.
  2. A traitstone chest
    I mean one that drops only traitstones including arcanes? For gold or gold chest keys.
    With all the new troops coming out weekly Explore, for my luck, is practically useless.
    I get farther and farther behind every week.
  3. And this is more qol ditch the animation on the popups like pvp tier ranked gain, pvp won/lost, and tribute? If you can’t stop them at least don’t make us wait through the animation of them please! No it’s not that long but feels like it. Plus get rid animation of all exclamation points. Its very annoying. I go to pvp to get rid of it and s minute later it’s back. Can we have a colored outline around the pvp box or turn the boxes, say, red instead?

Not entirely sure about #2, though I see where you are coming from. #1 and #3 – YES PLEASE, especially #1. I hate having to wait until the enemy is done trouncing me before I can Retreat.


That would be nice, but apparently is very hard to do, so unlikely to happen.

Not gonna happen, they’re not gonna make things easier like that, gacha is probably working where they want it now.

Yes to this, or at least make them faster or display all at once rather than waiting for each bit to tick in.

No, I like them, many players do. I’d actually like more of them, like telling me I have seals to collect.

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Respectfully agreeing and disagreeing.
Yes the exclamation points serve a purpose. It the pulsing that I object to. I could easily live with them otherwise.
If the boxes turned a contrasting color it would also be obvious that box needs attention.
Sorry but I can’t find it so urgent to be flashed at for pvp. I won/lost a defense battle? Big hairy deal. The only time it matters really is for a milestone won and that shows up your mailbox.
One on the guild box would be equally unnecessary I think. You should check into your guild anyway if only to collect seals and donate. If you don’t even know about seals you have a problem with basic game play. The GM needs to point out a few things and the player really needs to educate themselves. If you can’t be bothered to check your guild stats where seals are clearly visible or any chat then you have a few problems. You can’t idiot proof a game or people.
Sorry jainus you hit a hot button. My comments aren’t directed at you personally but in general.

Not taking it personally :slight_smile: but yes, respectfully disagreeing. I like reminders, else I forget things. I am perfectly happy ignoring the reminders (just see my to-do-list at work) but I still want them there.

I’ve been playing this game for a while now, but never noticed they are actually pulsing :smiley: amazing how small things can drive people crazy while others don’t even notice them … lose the pulsing, don’t lose the pulsing, personally I don’t mind either way (As long as “fixing” that won’t get in the way of more important fixes).

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Thank you jainus. Sure keep them just make them static please. It’s that relentless movement from of the corner of the eye that annoys the heck out of me.

Haha, sorry. Have no opinion on this one. Just found it a lovely topic to read <3

No. 1: I can see this as an option in PVP as it can get annoying to face a looping team that gets a “perfect” board of gems.
On the other hand, I play a lot Arena, I feel that this could be considered as rude or poor losing. My opponent has as much invested time as myself and I would feel that if my opponent did this, they are poor losers. So mixed feelings on this.

No. 2: I share your pain on farming traitstones. I loathe playing endless amounts of Explore just to have bad luck getting Arcanes. I don’t know if we’ll get a chest for traitstones only though. This may cause a loss of income for Devs (I don’t know how many they actually sell) and I’m sure the drop rate would be similar to Explore or TH. I would like to see an increase chance for Arcanes based on difficulty level.

No. 3: PLEASE MAKE IT STOP FLASHING!!! I’m not yelling out of anger or just being mean. It’s annoyance and frustration. It’s an OCD thing for me. I see it flashing and I have to click it. I’ve tried ignoring it, but to no avail. I understand that there are many players that like this feature and I understand the need for reminders to afford every opportunity that a player receives their earned rewards. A compromise would be nice.

As a former business owner I do not envy the Devs. Trying to make your customers happy and satisfied, while ensuring that you can stay in business, is a difficult task. IMO they do an awesome job of listening and trying to incorporate our suggestions/requests into the game. I try to remind myself (some others should to) that they are the professionals and will do what is best for the game as a whole.

Hmm atleast on ps4 you can retreat during ai turn, i do it all the time. @EternalElder See retreat as surrender, it gives the win to the opponent fairly in yield, its not disrespectful at all.

The only thing I agree with is the dang pop ups for tribute/pvp wins and losses. They drive me insane. All I wanna do is keep playing. The game lags enough without having to wait for the circle to finish and pvp to load lol maybe have the wins/losses for pvp sent to mail as well as tribute lol
The retreat thing would be cool, but it’s now become rare for me to get stuck in an enemy loop.
Everything else - eh.

@wskill perhaps I’m having flashbacks from MtG when a player takes the time to set up the field and then your opponent “rage quits”. I myself have “scooped” to give the person the win. But in MtG, your opponent usually pauses and asks should he continue. To slaughter you that is. Those are usually combo decks, which would be compared to loopers here.
If they do offer this feature, I will accept it graciously and then decide whether or not I’ll use it.


It the yugioh world, we call it the “scoop phase.”

@killerman3333, I started out playing that with my son. When he went into the Air Force, I started playing MtG.

In case you are not aware, in all game modes you are playing against the AI, not a live player. The AI has no feelings to hurt; if you quit early in Arena, nobody but you would ever know.

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You mean all those times I had to go to the bathroom but waited until the match was done, I could have went?
Wow, I learn something new everyday. I thought Arena was the only thing live.

In a way, the truth has set you free. (Well, your bladder, anyway.)

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My bladder thanks you.

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I started out twisted when it came to card games. playing cards>pokemon>MtG>yugioh>MtG>mlp>GoW>yugioh/MtG/GoW

ETERNALELDER. OH MY You didn’t know all games where against the AI? Oh crap, literally. You poor dear! But I’ve had loops so long I went to that pitstop, got something to eat/drink and a few other things. It will still be running! Oh goody I can make 1 3match that leads to the opponent getting a 4match…loop again. Just no!
I’m here to play a game not grow old watching the AI play with itself.
If the exclamation mark flashing doesn’t matter to many a player then let’s stop it because it does matter to a lot of other players please.