Rebalance game for new players

It is not really a feature, but the game needs rebalancing for new players.

PvP - You are matched against very high players and you have no chance to win many matches. I have to ideas: First one is to scale the enemy team to your team level. Second one is to intorduce AI teams that players are matched if no enemy can be found with similar strength.

Campaign - It is not possible to end campaigns one by one. You have to start each campaign and play until the enemy gets too high level. This feels odd and you can not get the main reward: The unit at the end.

Challenges - They are far too difficult. The reward can be ignored, except for the last level (5 stars?). But you have no low level challenges to receive souls as a new player. The enemies are all high level.

Have to agree with this. My son just started playing and is having a much harder time than I did just a few months ago.

Which platform are you playing on?

If these feelings are widespread then the devs should be looking into this.