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Creating New Profile - New Player Struggles

So my story is I’m level 1362 on X1, got every troop (except for last weeks Mythic which I spent all my resources on, but that’s another story), and can eat through towers like there is no tomorrow.

Just for kicks, last week I started a new profile on Android. I’m currently around level 40, have joined a guild, and am competing in my first invasion week.

So I complete the first 5 invasion battles no problem. Get to the next 5 invasion battles, and the jump in the opponents stats is pretty incredible. From around 10+ health in first 5 battles to 40+ health in next 5 battles.

I have pretty much no troops to choose from (3 from the Kingdom, 2 of which don’t deal damage), and my hero. I literally have zero chance of winning a battle, so am having to double up on sigils to even stand a chance. So far I have beaten a whopping 1 tower, and feel pretty inferior!!!

Found the same thing with pet battles. First battle you can do with your eyes closed, Second battle the increase in stats for the opponent is huge.

Just wondering what other people’s experiences are regarding the leap in opponents stats at early stages of this game?

That aside, I’m thoroughly enjoying using a whole new set of troops all over again rather than the same group of OP 30 or so troops against the same meta defences. I would thoroughly recommend it to others!

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well, these are all end-game modes to keep us interested and spending all our hard earned gems…I remember my time as early player, i was doing kingdom leveling, challenges, arena even enjoying treasures maps…(explore wasn’t even a mode back then)…Heck i did my first pvp batlle after level 400!!! I was just enjoying unlocking stuff and the actual optimisation of resource spending…of course with the mindset we have now (and hindsight) it’s quite impossible to “reset” back to that mentality…:stuck_out_tongue:
But granted, the game now can be overwhelming for newcomers and the best advice i can offer to close their ears to the sirens and be patience…their time will come to start competing in the high-level modes

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There are some things I miss about being low lvl but not enough to start anew lol

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This feels like a sort of larger version of the same problem the game had when I started somewhere between 2 and 3 years ago. I don’t know if it’s “worse” or not and I don’t feel like starting a new account to see.

When I started, the hardest game mode was the Daily Dungeon, or perhaps PvP on Warlord IV which you can’t do anymore. The ONLY event was Guild Wars. Winning that was easier than winning the Daily Dungeon for the majority of players.

But also back then, kingdom quests all had the same difficulty level, and it was very low. And the only game modes were PvP, Explore, Challenge, Arena, Daily Dungeon, and Treasure Hunt. Most of these had a difficulty slider you could move around, and you’d try to find the best bang for your buck in terms of rewards / time.

I remember being so proud the first week I did all three daily dungeons.

They started adding a lot more sense then, and most of it was designed to be a challenge for players who’d been there even longer than me. I caught up, and you will too, but I imagine at this point where it felt like at least 75% of the game was accessible to me then, it probably feels more like 75% of it isn’t accessible now.

It’s not an easy problem to solve.

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When I first started and beat dokkalar or whatever the first time I was so proud. That jerk and his spiders kept killing me lol


I haven’t even unlocked the Daily Dungeon yet lol.

This week I struggled to donate a whopping 30,000 gold (I did 3.5million in my xbox guild last week lol).

I got my first legendary troop from a gem chest yesterday, woo hoo! Can’t wait to find my first Mythic!

This time around I will learn from my past mistakes regarding armour. I didn’t even get Dragon Armour until about level 500 or something stupid, on my new profile I’m not going to spend a single gem until I at least get Dragon Armour.

I too did not purchase Dragon or Celestial armor right away. Looking back, I should have purchased the Deathknight Armor. For all the hours I’ve played this game, I should create an alt or two and purchase the Armor for them. Maybe if I ever get a PS4 or PC account…

Just remember, if you put all of your Mana upgrades into Red/Brown, you can unlock Mang around level 120 +/-. After that, you can defeat even the toughest Raid Boss as long as it doesn’t target you and you get Barrier with the Level 40 with Rock Solid trait Classes.


Some of the people here seem to have forgotten that the OP has a lvl 1k+ PC.

As for the Deathknight armor, I still would pass on it. Some of the offers on the shop are ridiculously overpriced. I will say though that I should have taken the advice of getting the dragon armor at the earliest possible.

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$50 android pet says, “what?”

I’ll concentrate on that, good idea. TBH it’s easy to forget how/where I previously unlocked all weapons etc on my other account, and at least this time round I can be working on class levels right from the beginning, when they didn’t exist when I started off 4 years ago on my other account.

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After literally only a week playing I have already accumulated around 300 gems, so another week and I should hopefully have the 500 to purchase dragon armour. Will make a huge difference getting it as early as possible imo.

I never bothered with Deathknight on my other profile either and never really missed it. By switching between Dragon and Celestial Armour I ultimately got everything I needed in the end anyway.


We recently took on a few new players, and rather than just direct them to the forums and YouTube, I thought I would start up a new account to get that new player feel.

It definitely is a new experience, forcing quest completions to unlock new kingdoms. The AB seems a bit off for new players. There were still a few “Trait 3 troops, Upgrade 3 weapons to +2, Level Warlord class to 5 and then 10”.

I had one “do 3 Treasure Maps”, and finished Zhul’kari, only to find out I also needed to complete Adana as well. Since then, I had 3 more “do 5 Treasure Map” tasks. Sheesh, I doubt I’d done 18 maps in the past year.

But now, after finishing Karakoth and Divinion Fields to unlock the next 3 Kingdoms, I get a task for “Unlock the Underworld”. Excuse me? Where’s all the “Fight 5 Arena battles” or “Complete all 8 battle” tasks.

And why skip to the Underworld, which I assume will take completing all 34 kingdoms, when I have yet to unlock the Soul Forge and Daily Dungeons. New Player Struggles indeed.

After I fight thru Fang Moor, Whitehelm and burn Fanghorn Forest to the ground…whoops, wrong game…Forest of Thorns; I have to do Stormheim (yay Titan), Khaziel and Pan’s Vale. Even “princess” Elspeth would say “I’m like, totally heading in the wrong direction”. At least let me buy the Blighted Lands Banner for my Warg so I can get a few more souls. Very frustrating indeed.