Boned, need advice

Well, game was fun in at the start, but at this point i have hit difficulty wall.
I dont know whose “brilliant” idea was to tie ai opponent level to player level(that doesnt mean much to begin with), instead of player team average level, but he should flogged.
Now that i got this out of the way, im level 27(almost 28) and i have to fight against mobs of level 14, half of them usually of legendary/epic rarity. My team consist of 4 rares, one level 5, 2 level 6 and one level 8.
I have no resources and only way for me to win a fight is thru pure luck(if i get proper combos in right order), as ai mobs have, on average three times the stats(in total per team).
Any advice ? Because alternative is simply quitting, as this is not even funny anymore. And i still get “censored” experience even if i lose a fight. So i continue to gain levels even that i lose 4 out of 5 fights.

Play PvP to get gold, use gold to play Arena to get souls, use souls to get your core team to as high a level as possible. Use your hero, he’s likely stronger than any of your troops, especially if you’ve unlocked and leveled a hero class. Also join a guild, the extra resources will be very helpful.

Not really fond of PVP, but i guess il give it another try. My hero is not particularly strong either and his ability attack is crap, thats why i dont use him. And i dont have a class, as i cant break thru cencored ai mob to unlock it.
So there is no way to just grind mobs quietly if i want to be able to get anywhere ? Its all about pvp ?

Yeah, this is one beginners trap that I really, really dislike about this game. Luckily, once you hit a stride, you’ll far outclass everything as questline, explore, and challenge troops all cap out at the level of their max rarity.

Challenges can be repeated after they are finished, but the gold reward is very poor (5 gold) and you don’t get any bonus souls from completing them again. Explores give a random battle and can be done as much as you want, but give very little gold (around 300 before bonuses, and are also subject to level scaling). PvP is the best way to get gold, but I will say that it isn’t strictly needed, my brother has been doing sort of a “single player challenge” in this game and primarily avoids PvP, but he also doesn’t care about getting the rarer cards or leveling his kingdoms or anything, in which case, yeah, you’ll probably end up doing a lot of PvP eventually.

PvP, by the way, still pits you against an AI opponent, just with a team selected by another player. The leftmost option is the easiest, and at low level, generally even easier than even quests. Avoid the rightmost option, matchmaking will often give you something with a score of 8000+, which is fairly impossible to beat with low level, low rarity troops.

Beyond that, I’d say you have a severe early game resource flow problem. A guild (pretty much any guild is better than none) can help with that, but you probably won’t get much out of most until Monday, when the easy tasks are completed. The gold keys from guilds help the most for new players as it helps to unlock most the rares and commons within a week or two. You’ll need some source of souls. Arena is one way to do this, but you can also get treasure maps and play treasure hunt early on. You’ll want to eventually build a team that has some sort of soul generation on it, though pre-magic kingdom levels, these are generally pretty slow. However, when you factor in the rewards from even a low level guild, should sustain to the point where you can start leveling more than one team and branch out from there.

You can also consider using a troop or two with a good spell boost ratio to help you through the hump. Ranger is a good example of this, dealing an absolutely massive (for low level) fixed 8 +5 per living enemy split damage regardless of level, in addition to his small amount of direct damage which is magic dependent. Two casts of a Ranger is often enough to wipe an enemy team at low level. Pair with an Alchemist (another rare you don’t have to level beyond needing to survive maybe one spell) and you should be able to press forward through quests to at least unlock more of the epics to give you more choices. The low rarity Dragon’s Claw dragons also fit fairly well into a team (dragon eggs, dragotaur, dragonette/d.rogue, baby dragon) for some rather large team bonuses so they can be effective at low levels. I used this team slightly modified for soul gain during my low level run - Dragon Eggs/Dragotaur/D. Rogue/Wight. Dragotaur buffs all dragons on the team with a good yellow gem boost ratio on top of that, making it fairly easy to overwhelm anything that doesnt use true damage.


With being stuck, I’ll give you a few things to try to start working your way out.

  1. Make sure you have joined a guild. The tasks early in the week are inexpensive enough that even low level guild will complete some, and give you an infusion of key and souls. It may not be a lot, but it will help you get over the spot you’re trapped in.

  2. If you’re so gold broke you can’t unlock cities, see if you have any troops that generate gold. You may have to lose a few battles while generating gold to help you unlock a new city where you can begin a new quest line, and unlock some low level challenges.

  3. Make sure you’ve played the low level challenges, to get some souls.

  4. TREASURE MAPS, once you have Zhul’kari unlocked. You can even buy them for a bit of glory, and they can really help with some early gold.

  5. Arena - I think this unlocks pretty early in Broken Spire. It give you access to random troops, and puts all the troop at, I think, level 15. You might not get 8 wins, but it will give you a helping hand.


Are you on pc/mobile or console?

Edit: if you are on pc/mobile and you need a guild let me know i may have an opening

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Thanks for all the replies.
Right now i use Dark Maiden, Banshee, Alchemist and Succubus combo, in that order. So they boost each other. They work together fairly well ,altho not perfect, but you do best with what you have. And some amount of souls(usually 10-15 per game) i get from Banshee illicit activities.
Grinding exploring is what got me into this mess in the first place, as i just like to play game and, it probably sounds silly, story quest line long narratives between battles simply annoy me without end by now. My problem is not that much with rares, even tho i think that their mana requirements is ridiculously low considering power of their abilities, but with level of ai units.
Dont have Ranger, got Dragothaur(but Dragothaur is only unit i have from Dragons Claw kingdom).
Right now i have around 5k gold, so i cna open 1-2 areas, but i still get stuck with 14 opponents, so its gonna be mainly 1win/1loss battles.
Did some challenges, need to get back to them i guess, should be couple more i can take on.
I think i tried area a few time early on and lost badly, so thanks for that one.
Now i only need to get into a guild. Im n pc.

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please try again :slight_smile:
now that you got a bit more used to gameplay i think you would do better and the rewards are well worth it,

here some tips how to play arena:

  • you can exit arena between the fights and come back later, dont have to do all 8 fights straight on
  • try to choose units whose spell deals damage
  • try to choose units to fill all the colors, use hero weapon to suplement the missing color
  • you can chenge hero weapon between fights by clicking on the hero
  • you can change your team order between battles

It’s a crap shoot on whether or not you’ve gotten the Warg yet (as he is an Ultra Rare card) but my team for early soul farming was Warlock*/Warlock*/Warg/Warlock*. The first trait is required on Warlock to allow for 50% more souls. The Warg generates 10 souls each cast (25 with all the Warlock bonuses), so after 4 casts, you have hit your limit. Also, the Warg’s damage scales with the souls you have collected. So first cast may do 5 damage, but the following casts will be 17, 30, 42, 55 damage.

Really any troop with necromancy will do, I just happened to have 3 Warlocks and plenty of brown/blue traitstones from completing broken spire.

Again, it’s a crapshoot on whether or not you’ve gotten lucky enough to get the Warg.

@Dirmagnos what is your invite code you can join my guild

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I got one Warlock and no Wargs. And ym limit for souls is 40 not 100. Right now i test Elven Bard plus Banshee. Not particularly effective, but its something.
Invite code: dirmagnos


The base limit for souls per game is 40, but with 3 troops with the necromancy trait (50% more souls gained), that’s a 150% increase. So the base 40 rises to 100. Doesn’t help your problem of not having a Warg, just for your information.

I’ve heard good things about Banshee for soul farming at early levels. And pairing with any necromancy traited troops sure helps make it move faster. Here are some other troops to check for necromancy. Flesh Golem (1st trait), Zombie (2nd Trait), Alcolyte (2nd Trait). Zombie you most likely have, it’s just a matter of if you have the traitstones to get the second trait unlocked. Your 1 Warlock would be a good start though.

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@Dirmagnos invite sent brudda check your un game mail guild name is Gems of the Ostfront

you can search troops with necromancy using the small search window on bottom-right in troop list, just type there “necromancy” and it should give some results (you can also search there troops by fragments of spell effect, troop name etc, really useful tool)


@Zippity Got 2 zeds, no traitstones for them.
@Annaerith Thx for tip.

Can anyone explain me by what parameter team scores are calculated ? I just run into a team in pvp that had 100 points higher score than i do, while having 2lvl higher hero on it, with 3 epic/legendary mobs of lvl14. While i had 4 rares, level 14, 6, 1, 1.
Are there any guides/tips for treasure hunting ?

Try this post:

I haven’t watched the video yet, but with him having 467 moves it should show basic to advanced tactics.

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team score increases with:

  • your account level
  • your mana masteries, all of their bonuses from kingdoms and guild etc
  • all of your stat bonuses, from kingdoms and guild etc
  • level of the cards in the team
  • rarity of the cards in the team
  • traits of the cards in the team