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Real Time Battle Concept

Everything in the game uses the concept of AI anywhere you face an opponent.

Introducing Real Time Battle Concept wether it’s used in guild battles or PvP. I will skip the programming part (they will need a way to sort current online players somehow for real time to work. The real time would be available through a kingdom and mark you as ONLINE IF and only IF you are in that real time kingdom idling, that way ur not in a puzzle match already and getting an invite from player 1 to join a real time battle).

Player 1 challenges player 2 (player 2 accepts)

There is 5 empty slots for each player and YOU MUST PICK UNIQUE CARDS that means ONLY 1 COPY on both sides… If your opponent picked Maw first, you cannot pick maw at all (keep reading to understand why it will be fair and challenging)

  1. The declarer of the real time battle (Player 1) chooses 1 card and locks it in… then player 2 chooses 2 cards and locks it in.

  2. Then player 1 chooses 2 cards followed by player 2 chooses 2 cards followed by player 1 chooses 2 cards and player 2 chooses his last card.

Now each player has 5 cards locked in, it goes quickly in practice. Now the fun part begins.

Player 1 CHOOSES ONE CARD from player 2 and THE CARD IS BANNED! Followed by player 2 choosing a card to ban from player 1.

Now we have 4 cards left and we are given 30-60 secs to re-arrange the cards as we please and then the match begins.

Just an idea for real time battles wether it’s guild battles or a 2nd PvP :wink:

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Real-time battles would be great but I think the above is too much hassle personally.

Do you think there should be any resources on the line?

I’m not a big of a fan of the real-time PVP; but I like some of the concepts you presented. It would be nice to have to develop a team on the fly, like you’ve stated. I would prefer to play versus the computer, though, as the lag and time delay would probably make the game very tedious to play. An improved AI would do wonders for comp PVP too. AI that knows how to handle combo teams, gem converters and when to prioritize skulls, would go a long way to making it more engaging.

Yes for sure and more trophies then PvP. I didn’t want to go in details with drops and more about implementing real time battles, I will let them figure that out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure about this but I believe they are working on a 2nd server to reduce lag.

Unfortunately, they will probably not touch AI in PvP :disappointed:

Can’t say I’m a fan… I just really don’t have any need to play against real people in a game like this. In fact, part of it’s beauty and draw for me, is that I don’t have to mess with real players, at all.

I like that. This is my chillax, relax, disconnect from world game… I like it that way.

I’d rather them focus on more content in game such as additional kingdom effects, defense teams for each kingdom, more mini-games ideally at least one per kingdom, new cards, more guild objectives so we can get traitstones and the alike, add in more ways to get arcane traitstones, make an auto roll button for TH maps if I am in a hurry… and fix the quirks.

For me, there are plenty of live pvp games out there. I don’t need it here, ever.


Playing real-time against mates or imaginary friends from your list (xbox player) would be fun and a great way to introduce people to the game.

What type of mini games would you like? Could be a great way of breaking up the monotony

Arena is a sealed deck type of game play. It is fun. I’ve played a number of games on PS4 prior and then to a lessor degree when moving over to PC / Mobile. The problem is not a lack of fun, it’s a lack of reward pay-off for real time put into it. So rewards should be adjusted accordingly for Arena, to make it worthwhile.

As it stands, I can play PvP, and gain more for less time. Thus, it is the preferred time spent in game. It’s not necessarily the most enjoyable but it is the most productive. In a single hour of time played, I can gain more glory, hero level exp, hero class exp, trophies for guild and gold for kingdoms or guild or gold chests than I can anywhere else in the game… If I play a valkyrie team, I can even add souls at a near top performer rate as well. It’s a one stop shop, despite it’s monotonous play.

I’ve said elsewhere, each kingdom could have different environmental effects (combintation of negatives and positives). Those kingdom effects could rotate on a quarterly / seasonal basis. Players could be allowed to set up different defense teams on a per kingdom setup. This allows a given team take advantage of a given set of bonuses and looks for players to adjust defense teams quarterly perhaps. Moreover, it means you’ll have a purpose for using different offensive teams, not only by enemy, but by defense type.

That could be a general improvement game wide, whether playing arena, quests, challenges or PvP…

You could also have mini-games at each kingdom. Similar to arena, but what if traits where turned on for only your rarest pick card in one kingdom?

What if you had another kingdom, where all picks were mythics - by design, so even new players could experience these high end cards with full traits?

What if another kingdom was all commons only, but played at full level and full traits - so players could see them in full force and - it had a high chance to drop arcane trait stones, based on performance?

How about a game where instead of being presented one card after another like in arena, you were presented 9 cards, and had to pick your best 4 - no hero at all as an option… and you knew which 6 kingdoms you were going to fight against, thus knowing what environmental effects you would have to deal with.

How about a mini game where each round that you are successful - you can roll a new card to replace one you already rolled in previous round… and each round, when you roll, you get to roll on a table with higher rarity cards - a kind of escalation build.

Now - once you have all of these various mini-games in place all across the map… what if, you could take a team on the coliseum circuit of kingdoms… and the future you got your team, as you pogressed through all the mini-games evolving your team as you go, that you gain more rewards you could unlock, similar to like the ladder visible for arena and pvp is now.

The possibilities are endless. I would just like to see far better use of the kingdoms and variety of games and less reliance on PvP as the only source of fun / rewards and progression. They have sooooo many options.

The big question for me with real time PvP is how it integrates with the current systems. Does that mean we have two weekly leaderboards? Is it just for fun (in which case it’s a lot of dev work for not a lot of payoff)? Is there another solution where it’s good for players and devs alike?

It just seems like the current PvP system is so central to the loop that I’m not sure how real time would fit in.

We’ve said previously that if we did real time pvp it would be it’s own thing and not replace the current pvp system.


Feel free to use anything the Fantasy Series’ format has, if it’s helpful to you guys.

It was good for a while, but ultimately it’s a bulky Forum-based game. Integrated into the actual game, it would be much more smooth.

I personally would look at how much time it takes to complete a live match compared to current PvP and make the reward similar (it takes 3x longer to do live match, give 3x more rewards , etc)

If it was introduced, I’d like it better as a live guild battle rather then a live PvP to separate from having 2 separate PvP systems.

What do you mean live guild battle? Like you can only do live PvP when you’re fighting in a guild war? That could work.

My first thought was something like Summoners War’s async PvP system where there’s a leaderboard and tiers and you only get a few matches per day so it’s truly about skill. They allow you to purchase more energy but that could be removed. That said, I feel like many would be upset that it’s restricted in that way, also foresee complaints of P2W, and don’t really see that being good for the devs’ bottom line. They make money from people upgrading troops only, but there’s already tons of incentives to do that.

Maybe if you paid Gems to play it and then got to build a team using fully upgraded troops?

Your fighting other guild members real time when they are online (accessible through a kingdom to see the online players)… rewards will be more gold/souls/trophies then current PvP because a live battle would take about 3x more time then current PvP.

The problem I’m facing with any live battle is that what happens if player 2 just keeps rejecting the fight, there needs to be a rule set about that and also what does the defending player get as a reward for winning the invader.

I also made a post about pretty much Summoners War guild system… that wasn’t live battles… but AI sux so bad that defense would not be able to successfully defend ever unless they add “prioritize skulls” to defender so I can leave it blank and the AI won’t do 3 match skulls therefore I can get a much better win rate.

Start small. Just make real-time battle with team player selects like invade. After that works other tweaks can be made.

(Not as it it were realistic to see in this decade)

Clash Royale is live, and Summoners War just implemented live PvP, so it’s certainly technically possible nowadays thanks to improving infrastructure and technology (and obviously not a problem for console). Summoners War also did exactly what you say: Started off with friendly battles and nothing more. I don’t think they have any rewards or larger systems attached to it at all. @Sirrian, I’m guessing you’re aware of this? Whatever they do with it could give you some great ideas.

And I don’t see why it couldn’t happen next year if folks really push for it and the devs see the value in it. I would love it, and that’s why I’m trying to encourage discussion about how it would work to the dev teams benefit.

We’re certainly open to the idea. And we’ve done real-time PvP before in Puzzle Quest, PQ2 and PQ Galactrix on PC and Console. Mobile is a different kettle of fish though, mainly due to disconnect/reconnect issues mid-game. I know Blizzard had trouble with that in Hearthstone.

We’re backed up with plans for the next couple of updates, but after that, it’s a definite possibility.

Quick note though - even if we DO add real-time PvP, there will ALWAYS be the current form of PvP (vs. AI) for everyone to play and enjoy - we won’t ever take that away.


Thanks for the input on your plans :smiley:

As a side note, I was wondering since your working on guild tasks and stuff… Are we looking at a future guild wars (not real time just vs AI) ?