Make 1 v 1 in real time

Dear gow, please make 1v1 in real time, my idea how to make it is this: let a player spend for example 200 glory n then he will wait for an opponent who also spend 200 glory; winner will get 400 glory or whatever. System will randomly choose 1 of your 25 teams (request nr1 to not face same teams n think about compositions/change a meta) and every team will be composed from different cards (noone want to play versus dragons eye 24/7). Thanks, Dr. Mundo

From what the developers said about this request in the past, it would require a complete rewrite of the code. Sorry, but it’s just not possible to do with this game at this stage.


The devs have long said that the game is not convertible to real-time PvP, without rebuilding the entire game from scratch. They have said that if they ever pursued that route, that they would create a sequel game, a GoW2.

The next patch will be coming in around month’s time. Hopefully, there will be some addressing of the current issues of the game at that time.

damn, thats bad luck bcs i felt so excited about that

Same here. I hope that they are working on a new game or a rework, like Puzzle Quest - Challenge of the Warlords or something similar to Puzzle Quest 2. I still prefer the first one, so if they make a complete rework of the game that also has online playability, that would be awesome indeed.

I think it’d be really fun to go 2nd against my teams that win 25% of the time on turn 1. There’s nothing quite like spending a minute syncing in match making to watch yourself lose with zero input in most games.

The things that make GoW fun only work because the CPU doesn’t get tired of losing unfair matches.

The game doesn’t have to be in real-time for competitive PvP. Many other games of a similar nature can use asynchronous (non-live) PvP quite well.

Over the last year and change, various functionality of the game has been retooled and modernized. PvP is one of the last systems that has not yet been updated and modernized and is still on its original design system. Many here expect that it is only a matter of time until that occurs.

On the other hand… developing a new PvP system would surely be quite expensive to implement. So, it might be a hard sell to make to the publisher at this point in the game’s life. On the other, other hand, GoW is using a “games as a service” model, so to keep up with the times, it needs to update all of its aging parts.

So… who knows for the future?

Dont lose hopes. Idea is great and i tried to invent fair conditions so it will be relatively fair mode with a chance to win prices, changing meta and making players to value all other cards/create different metas etc, maybe one day we will be surprised by gow since the game is great

i wrote requests to decrease chance to play versus dragons eye teams n fast loop team compos

i understand its hard to make it a real thing atm. Bad luck. But maybe our idea and excitiment will help gow developers make it faster/think about our ideas but youre right they are probably already working on it/thinking about it how to make it viable